Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Let Satan

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Let Satan

Regina Puckett


For my disgrace

I was offered grace

For my black heart

I was offered a clean start

For every step I stumbled

I was offered a man humbled

For wicked thoughts and sinful ways

I was offered hope and better days

In the exchange, I followed the cross

And let Satan deal with his loss


The One Thing

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The One Thing

Regina Puckett


I wished for something that was impossible

I crossed bridges that were un-crossable

I dreamed dreams that couldn’t come true

I did things that no one else on earth could do

I loved those who were unwanted and unlovable

I made something wonderful out of something horrible

I acceptable situations that no one else could accept

I kept memories no one else ever knew that I kept

But the one thing I could never do was let you go

I thought that was something you should probably know





Regina Puckett


Whose side do you stand by?

Who has the power to make you cry?

Who holds your heart in their hand?

Who makes you cross that line in the sand?

Who do you offer to help in times of trouble?

Who would you ask to join you in your bubble?

Who are you willing to lay down your life for?

Who will cry when you open death’s door?


I’m Waiting


I’m Waiting

Regina Puckett


Somehow, I got lost in the shuffle

My inner child quieted to a muffle

My heart tossed and badly bruised

My good nature severely misused

So I decided to sit out on the sidelines

Until I could figure out the new guidelines

But no one else is following any of the rules

And we’re being governed by a bunch of fools

The jester has taken over the crown and throne

And going any which way the wind has blown

So if you see me over here just trying to hold on

I’m just waiting until the joker is finally gone


I Did Nothing

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I Did Nothing

Regina Puckett


I cared for nothing, so they stole my belief

I saw nothing, as they created chaos and grief

I said nothing when confusion and prejudice came

I did nothing and let them steal my good name

I fought for nothing and so in the end I died

So of course, no one noticed and no one cried


I Stopped

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I Stopped

Regina Puckett


No one would listen to me

So I slashed them with my tongue

No one would see the real me

So I uncovered my heart when I sung

No one could touch this heart of mine

So I showed them how bright I could shine

Then no one cared, so I stopped trying

But I doubt if anyone saw my heart dying


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Until I am Able to Stand

Regina Puckett


Every which way the wind has blown

Stranded out here and utterly all alone

Disorder has stripped and robbed me blind

Life has walked away and left me behind

Would you kindly offer me a helping hand

Then hold me up until I am able to stand

I promise I will not lean on you forever

Just long enough to face my next endeavor


The Corpse

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The Corpse

Regina Puckett


Moonbeams reflected off the water

Softening the unadulterated slaughter

The only one to watch you walk away

Screamed nothing but had much to say

But the words hung there in her throat

To let the corpse of their love simply bloat


I Am Drawn


I am Drawn

Regina Puckett


I am drawn to thee

Like fish to the sea

Like birds to the sky

Like breath to a sigh

Like flowers to dirt

Like pain to the hurt

Like a baby to the breast

Like treasure to a chest

Like arms to an embrace

Like runners to a race

I am drawn to thee

Like you are drawn to me