Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Author Update – Amy M. Reade, S.C. Richmond and Regina Puckett

Source: Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Author Update – Amy M. Reade, S.C. Richmond and Regina Puckett

An Open Love Letter

Source: An Open Love Letter

Keep on Spinning

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Keep on Spinning

Regina Puckett


I saw something beautiful this morning

It was in place and brilliantly burning

It was round, warm and yellow in a blue sky

It smiled down and begged me to not cry

It offered me a wonderful, new beginning

So bring it on world and let’s keep on spinning



picture Wasting dreamstime_xs_25481799[1]


Regina Puckett


Words are the heartbeats of my day

They color my soul and keep away the gray

They are my life, worth, dreams and my sanity

They reveal my truth and sometimes my vanity

Unfortunately, sometimes they fall carelessly from lips

And sometimes they run off utterly course and off scripts

Every so often, I fight to keep them in so you don’t see

What’s inside my heart and what means the most to me

But the truth is, all you have to do is ask and I’ll tell

Because I love sharing my heart and where it is I dwell


I Have Earned the Right

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I Have Earned the Right

Regina Puckett


Love is hard and life is so complicated

Sometimes I feel helpless and frustrated

But still, I wake up every single day and live

Because this is the only thing I have left to give

Some things are so worth fighting for, so I do

When my last day comes, I want to be through

I don’t want regrets tapping me on the shoulder

I have earned the right to smile at getting older



The Truth picture dreamstime_xs_19696727[1]

To Jacob,


 Regina Puckett

I often seek hope in all sorts of places

But hope is as fleeting as smiles on faces

You can almost touch it, but it’s like a fleeting mist

It slides away like a girl who has never been kissed

It dangles in front of your nose like a carrot

It repeats everything you say like a parrot

It understands nothing, so why continue to search

Because it tempts me to jump from my safe perch

It whispers for me to grab on with both hands

It says to continue to live my life and make plans

It hints that if I don’t give in just yet, I might win

So I’ll continue to look for hope over and over again


More Emptiness

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More Emptiness

Regina Puckett


Poor Mr. Tin Man gave his heart away

And Mr. Lion lost his courage the same day

The scarecrow wanted to help but couldn’t

He had lost his mind loving someone he shouldn’t

So they followed the yellow brick road searching

Even though all three were so plainly hurting

No one knew what lay up ahead but they marched

All three souls so hungry and all so ever parched

They had heard the wizard had all the solutions

So they sought out the man’s hopeful resolutions

But back behind the curtain was just more emptiness

Leaving them with their fear, ignorance and heartlessness


It Waits

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It Waits

Regina Puckett


I’ve flown close to the ground

I’ve flown high up in the sky

My mouth has curved into a frown

These lips have smothered a cry

My nights have been filled dreams

My nights have been filled with joy

I’ve followed along on moonbeams

I’ve walked along beside a sweet boy

I’ve grasp for things way out of my reach

I’ve been given things I never wanted

I’ve rejected many lessons life did teach

I’ve looked hate straight in the face – undaunted

Of everything I desired, I wanted love most of all

It was always just somewhere around the next bend

But sometimes loves only watches us trip and fall

And it waits for the special spark in our eyes to end

Live and Let Live

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Live and Let Live

Regina Puckett


I think I might just break a few rules

Why not jump in with all the other fools?

Those rules are just for everyone else anyway

You know – how to walk, think and what to say

They tell you when to stop and then when to go

They tell what to believe and what you should know

They won’t let you steal, kill, lie or drive even fast

No running in the halls and don’t speak unless asked

Why let anarchy run wild and let us let it have its way

Why not let the world go straight to hell for one day

We’ll just say we’re sorry and expect you to forgive

After all, are we just supposed to live and let live?





Regina Puckett


Chaos met me head on at dawn

Before I knew it, lines were drawn

Of course, I merely laughed it off

It took offense at my untimely scoff

I should have known better but I didn’t

Maybe the growl should have been a hint

So Chaos put its best game face on

It danced, it played, and even sang a song

But I merely turned my back and walked away

Because I just didn’t have the time to play

So Chaos did what it does best of all

It spilled my drink and made me fall

It broke my best mirror and tore my dress

And laughed at my tears and the mess

So tomorrow if Chaos shows up again

I’m going to throw in the towel and let it win