Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

The Most Profound

The Most Profound

Regina Puckett


While I searched for solid ground

I missed seeing the most profound

It was there among the rocky terrain

It was in the puddles left by the rain

It was there in the lightning strikes

It was there in my most grueling hikes

It was there among my falling tears

It was there hidden amongst my fears

It had been there all the time I pursued

It merely waited for me to find my fortitude


falling boy



Flag 13072897_s

Regina Puckett

Strong arms, legs and hearts
A well-oiled-million moving parts
Each one stands next to the other
There to protect their adopted brother
They stand between us and anarchy
With broad shoulders and chivalry
They ask nothing for their sacrifice
But respect for who paid the price
So I’ll gladly stand and face our flag
Grateful for those who wear a dog tag

Inspiration’s Final Unmasking


Inspiration’s Final Unmasking

Regina Puckett


For once, pretend there are no limits

Live as if life isn’t made of petty minutes

Run as if you’ll never tire of the rat race

Believe the world is within your embrace

Everything you desire is for your asking

Why wait for inspiration’s final unmasking?




Regina Puckett


Thump, thump from fear

Thump, thump from cheer

Thump, thump from pain

Thump, thump from strain

Thump, thump from desire

Thump, thump from ire

Thump, thump from a kiss

Thump, thump from bliss

So goes each heart beat

Each making our life complete


The Painting


The Painting

Regina Puckett


You dab makeup on your face

So your outer shield is in place

You then warily craft a huge grin

Careful to let no one see in

Your smile is bright as you nod

A beautiful covering for the flawed

Done so no one sees the real you

The painting an unsteady hand drew


A Power Granted

A Power Granted

Regina Puckett


Once there was a little girl

Guarded like a precious pearl

Held close with tender arms

Sheltered from malice’s harms

Until one day she ventured out

Into the world full of leaden doubt

Into a world that hated a sweet spirit

Into a world that quickly stole her merit

The world thought it could strip her soul

But she knew something it didn’t know

She had a gift and she knew its great worth

Her parents had given it to her at her birth

It was the power to break free and rise above

A power granted by the wonderful gift of love


little girl dancing

I’m Magnificent


I’m Magnificent

Regina Puckett


You tried to make me insignificant

In my heart, I know I’m magnificent

Inside of me dwells many worlds

I hide wings that are only unfurled

I dream dreams and hope for much

I know magic only waits for my touch

The moon and stars are within my reach

They wait in the sky for me to beseech


Her Very Soul

Girl suffering from electronic aggression

Her Very Soul

Regina Puckett


Her beautiful light could have reached the stars

But it was blocked by years and years of scars

Slashed by hurtful words and cutting bites

They were enough to shut down her lights

Until one day all she was a piece of dull coal

The vicious vipers had stolen her very soul


A Bitter Pill to Swallow

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Regina Puckett


Have you ever walked down a long, dusty lane

Have you ever viewed sunlight through the rain

Have you ever really listened to children’s laughter

Have you ever watched butterflies and chased after

Have you ever asked what was at the end of a rainbow

Have you ever had to reap something you didn’t sow

Have you ever screamed at death and have it laugh at you

Have you watched someone else take what was your due

Have you ever run from trouble only to have it follow

Sometimes life is such a wickedly, bitter pill to swallow

These are the days I choose to look at sun in the raindrops

These are the days I choose to tarry where the lane stops

These are the days I let a child’s laugh sooth my soul

And chase the butterflies to the end of the rainbow


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Another Victim

Another Victim

Regina Puckett


Rain fell from blue skies

The clouds were in my eyes

The thunder shook my chest

Lightning came unsuppressed

I’ll drown if left in this thunderstorm

Another victim forced to conform


57203762 - a woman prays to god for rain in the desert.