Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Mr. Bicker

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Mr. Bicker

Regina Puckett


Mr. Bicker loves to fuss and fight

He doesn’t care if it takes all night

He’ll argue over every single, little thing

We call Mr. Bicker our confused Debate King

He’ll start a fight in the middle of a festivity

He’ll start dispute over a sporting activity

He’ll kick up a fuss over this and that

He’ll jump into the middle of a friendly chat

He’ll scream until he’s plum blue in the face

He is so loud he gets thrown out every place

But if you want to get the annoying little goat

Ask him exactly where he got his mangled quote

Ask him why he believes he knows better than you

Ask the infuriating man why he thinks he has a clue

And you know what his answer always is to that

It is to pick up his torch, his gun and his handy bat

Because Mr. Bicker really doesn’t know it all

And he can’t stand it when his pride takes a fall

He’ll beat you until you have to accept him at his word

That’s what the ignorant do when they want to be heard


There’s a Place

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There’s a Place

Regina Puckett


There’s a place I travel to in my mind

Only I can see and everyone else is blind

It’s a place I can let my guard down and rest

There I don’t have to know the answer to every test

I can laugh at the things only I think are funny

I can travel the world without it costing money

I can swim with the dolphins, run or fly away

I don’t have to explain my thoughts or what I say

I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’ve never been

I can visit the future or enjoy a memory of a dear friend

No one can destroy this special place unless I allow it

But why would I let them – it’s the only place I’ve ever fit


I Think of You

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I Think of You

Regina Puckett


Every single time I think of you

I can’t help but think of love too

I think about cloudless days

I think about a loving gaze

I think about a very slow song

I think about a moment to prolong

I think about a gentle spring rain

I think about droplets on a windowpane

I think about a long stroll in the park

I think about an erratic heartbeat and spark

I wonder if you ever think about me too

Because I can’t stop thinking about you


A Life Offered

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A Life Offered

Regina Pickett


Even though you couldn’t see

I sought hope and mercy

Even you never knew

I sought what was true

Even you didn’t care

I offered up a prayer

The best things are unseen

They hide behind God’s screen

Holding us up when all looks lost

A life offered – paid the cost


The Grass is Greener

The Grass is Greener

Regina Puckett


Your blood soaked in wine

A place for licentious to dine

Gambling until there nothing is left

Bright lights aiding the clever theft

One day you need more and more

Until you turn into the world’s whore

Why is the grass greener over there

Making you afraid to give or share

When you allow the world eat you whole

Who will then save your heart – your soul?




fallen angelpic




Regina Puckett


Pain plays with you like an odious ghost

It stabs at where you bleed the most

It waits until you are too weak to fight

It comes in the darkest part of night

It drinks from your falling tears

It is powered by your worse fears

It hates the sound of your laughter

And will crush the dreams you chase after

Inside Me







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Inside Me
Regina Puckett
There is something beautiful inside me
It begs every morning to be set free
It’s a mystical lore longing to be created
It’s a wonderment waiting to be sated
It’s a dance, a song, an exquisite thought
It runs so fast it can never be caught
Every time I try too hard, it stays hidden
But if I stand still, it comes to me unbidden

Two Lovers

moon from clive

Two Lovers

Regina Puckett


Two beckoning lights wink at me

Sitting in the darkness over the sea

How many others have seen their light

In the same place – every year – every night

Are they two lovers kept apart during the day

The lighthouse patiently waiting for a moon ray

When the night falls it reaches up with a beam

If I stand still, I’ll see them meet in midstream

I Am

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I Am

Regina Puckett


I am a raindrop

I am a mountaintop

I am the wind

I am the next bend

I am a blizzard

I am a lazy lizard

I am peace

I am wild geese

I am wonderment

I am the ocean current

I am free

I am me


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Imagined Wrongs

Regina Puckett


You came here looking for a good fight

So certain you were the only who was right

You entered the room with a sharpened tongue

Not even waiting for the first punch to be swung

Your proclamation already set to be shouted

Your lips bleeding from where they had pouted

So go ahead and curse the world for imagined wrongs

We could all do with a few more good country songs