Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

I Get Up


I Get Up

Regina Puckett


In this imperfect shell

Is where I dwell

A strong, hopeful woman

Practicing at being human

Using my voice for good

Offering help, as I should

Sometimes I stumble

And forget to be humble

Often I’m discouraged

And misplace my courage

But I never totally give in

I get up and begin again




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Regina Puckett


What were you expecting?

Life is much more than reflecting

It’s about hard work and sweat

It’s about paying for each debt

It’s about laughter, hugs and tears

It’s about moments instead of years

It’s about giving more than you take

It’s about each raindrop and snowflake

It’s about holding on and then letting go

It’s about enjoying watching others grow

It’s about joy, love and sometimes even pain

It’s about seeking grace and dancing in the rain

Life is a wonderful gift that we’ll never deserve

But live, live, live – until your voice is heard


So Beautiful

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So Beautiful

Regina Puckett


So beautiful on the inside and out

But still filled with so much doubt

The world says we must be better

Adding just another chain and fetter

It demands our upmost perfection

Never satisfied with our reflection

So we nibble, sweat, worry and cry

Critical of that wrinkle, scar and thigh

We get things cut off and things added

Parts are sculpted, trimmed and padded

Until we no longer recognize who we are

But the world chuckles as it raises the bar


Our Dreams

Our Dreams

Regina Puckett


Every so often, I let my mind wander

I sit, I consider, I remember, I ponder

I close my eyes against life’s reality

I shut out my daily fear of mortality

I let hope rise to the surface and win

Isn’t that where all of our dreams begin?


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Good Friends


Good Friends

Regina Puckett


I had two paths to choose from

Each beckoned for me to come

One path darkness and one light

One was wrong and one was right

But I wavered between the two

Not knowing what I should do

Until a friend linked arms with me

And said, “I will be here to help thee,

So no matter the path we travel along

Our joined hands will keep us strong

You’ll be here for me and I for you

Because that’s what good friends do.”


This Turning Wheel


This Turing Wheel

Regina Puckett


Merry go around and around

That is until we all fall down

Until we are dizzy and nauseated

Until our stomachs are liberated

Until we believe their well-crafted lies

Or jump from our horses and revolutionize

We could stop this turning wheel if we tried

And stop letting the greedy being our guide


Couldn’t be Stopped


Couldn’t be Stopped

Regina Puckett


The growing cancer couldn’t be stopped

It grew until empathy died and dropped

Even then, it spread around the earth

Eating each heart, each hope, each birth

It squeezed out our souls’ very light

Until all there was only eternal night

And when you thought it might be satisfied

Hatred clutched the darkness until it too died



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Regina Puckett


The news was so very grim

Another blood-spattered hymn

The world watched in angry fear

As hate tore through our veneer

It trampled on our peace of mind

Killing all of the guiltless it could find

But it was hungry and wanted more

So it kicked in the shelter of our front door

Until it was sated and clearly satisfied

That the very best of humanity had died


Your View


Your View

Regina Puckett


Stab my heart until we agree

Poke out my eyes until I see

Slash, burn, shout – until the end

Whatever it takes to make me bend

The only thing that matters to you

Is that I see the world from your view


Toward the Light

Toward the Light

Regina Puckett


Cowboy boots covered in mud

Soon filled with tears and blood

The music stopped midway

As its joy became lost in the fray

All that remained were the screams

A moment rent asunder at the seams

Until the color blue filled the night

Drawing the dead toward the light