Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Until I’m Broken

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Until I’m Broken

Regina Puckett


I absorb all of your words – one by one

They seep inside long after you are done

They steep, they brew, they crawl around

They stew, they simmer until I finally drown

You think they are merely words you’ve spoken

They have the power to seethe until I’m broken



What Some Will Do


What Some Will Do

Regina Puckett


Some scars are so deep no one will ever see

Some dreams are so big they may never be

Some beliefs are so strong they’ll never break

Some pain is so fierce it will always sting and ache

Some love is so all consuming it will last forever

Some will promise love and to leave you never

But sometimes some will walk away from you

That is when you’ll discover what ‘some’ will do


So Many Paths

So Many Paths
Regina Puckett

I took the high road while you took the road so low
I stood steady but you blew wherever the wind did blow
I marched to my own tune as you danced to the Pied Piper
I conversed heavenward while you turned toward the viper
We are all fragments and pieces of our experiences and friends
So many choices and so many paths that bring about our ends

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Until My Last Breath

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Until My Last Breath

Regina Puckett


A thousand angels walk by my side

Matching my steps – stride by stride

Feathery wings draped over my shoulder

Guarding me whenever Satan grows bolder

Every time my feet falter and my steps slow

My companions carry me over life’s ebb and flow

They have promised to stay here right by my side

Until my last breath and this fragile body has died


Live As if Tomorrow May Never Come

Live as if Tomorrow May Never Come

Regina Puckett


Look deep inside and see what you see

Reach for the stars and be all you can be

Strive forward and never look backwards

Carefully pick your battles and your words

Live as if tomorrow may never come for you

Be faithful in all things and to yourself be true

Love as if your heart cannot be broken asunder

Treat each moment given for what it is – a wonder


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One Word of Kindness

Sad Boy Looking At Mobile Phone

One Word of Kindness

Regina Puckett


How much does a little bit of kindness cost

The sum must be enormous since it’s been lost

I have looked high and low but to no avail

All I have found is this lonely, bitter hell

People afraid to say one word of kindness

People struck by unjust, bitter blindness

People so quick to judge and pronounce blame

People who no longer have any kind of shame


Weathered Lies

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Weathered Lies

Regina Puckett


Windswept and battle ready

Broken but holding steady

Seeking shelter under the rain

Fanning the fire to quench the pain

Facing my fears with closed eyes

Hearing nothing but weathered lies


The Dragons


The Dragons

Regina Puckett


You sit there in the dirt

Fragile, thrashed and hurt

Tears run in muddy streams

Cries rip at your brittle seams

Stand while you are still able

A white knight is a mere fable

Wipe off those tears and pain

The dragons are yours to be slain


Your Strength

Medieval Warrior with chain mail armour and Sword

Your Strength

Regina Puckett


I’m a leaf floating down a lazy brook

I’m complicated but still an open book

I’m love laughing and an old fashioned cry

I hate two-faced people and saying goodbye

I’m easy to know but so hard to get close to

I pretend to understand but I don’t have a clue

I want you close but I’ll hold you at arm’s length

I wish every day I had your bravery and strength


I Wish You Knew

I Wish You knew

Regina Puckett


Are you lonely

The one and only

No one understands

What life demands

No one ever sees

You on your knees

The world shutting you out

Your heart full of doubt

But I see you

Through and through

Your heart and soul

What you want and know

I see your pain

Your ball and chain

Your struggles

Your troubles

I see you

I wish you knew





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