Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Easy to Lose

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Easy to Lose
Regina Puckett

Friendship is so very hard to earn
But it so easy to lose
Set a match to the bridge and burn
And put on your walking shoes



The Sparkle and Dazzle Long Faded


The Sparkle and Dazzle Long Faded

Regina Puckett


I gather around my trifling treasures

Each weighed by substandard measures

What once was an insatiable need

Is now a wilted, superfluous weed

The sparkle and dazzle long faded

Leaving only, an appetite unsated


Only God


Only God

Regina Puckett


There are broken bits scattered around

In one drop of pity, I would simply drown

Staring faces ask too much and I quake

Every error of good judgment I make

The noble watch my fall in total disbelief

My festering soul causes me so much grief

So I’ll step in the water and let it wash me clean

Only God stands by you when times are lean

You Are a Star

You are a Star

Regina Puckett


Are you lost in someone else’s measuring cup?

Does someone else’s ruler have you reaching up?

Are you the notches on someone else’s belt?

Are you the cards someone else has dealt?

You are more than someone else’s expectation

You are more than someone else’s narration

You are more than even you believe you are

You are priceless, you are worthy, you are a star


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When I’m Emptied Out

a businessman being controlled by puppet master

When I’m Emptied Out

Regina Puckett


One of my adversary’s most potent communication

Are words that tear at my will and determination

They painfully scratch and rip at my heart and soul

They slowly mode me until I’m under their control

I’m like a unwilling puppet attached to their taut strings

They sketch me until I’m one of their repulsive etchings

They scrape everything that was once good inside of me

And when I’m emptied out, my enemies run away in glee


An Unwritten Life


An Unwritten Life

Regina Puckett


Daughter, mother, wife

Just another unwritten life

Moments lived- only just to fade

No matter how many were made

The only glory is inside my mind

Years later – only dust to find

So chisel onto my headstone

“She did not live here alone”


It’s A Beautiful Ending

Santa carrying sack of gifts  against snow scene

It’s A Beautiful Ending

Regina Puckett


I’ve always looked forward to Christmas Day

All of its hustle, bustle and maddening fray

I love the happiness on my loved ones faces

I love the gift giving and all of its many graces

I love the lights twinkling and jingle bells ringing

I love the children’s laughter and off-key singing

I love the joy of gathering the family together

I love the frost covered trees and cold weather

But above all – I love the way we all become one

It’s a beautiful ending to when the old year is done


One More Time Around

Young man playing air guitar

One More Time Around

Regina Puckett


We rocked and rolled

Too young to be old

Our hearts so fresh

Stretching new flesh

Until the wrinkles came

Hearts grew so tame

Life became so askew

Until we no longer knew

What our hearts wanted

A body and soul haunted

We wished for the dance

We longed for another chance

We promised to dance harder

We swore we would be smarter

Just for one more time around

Before they put us in the ground


My Debt


My Debt

Regina Puckett


The King walked here so very long ago

Upon the cross, He paid every debt I owed

He fed the hungry and healed the lame

For my every sin, He took all of the blame

So before His throne I’ll humbly bow my head

I’ll trust my soul with Him before I go to bed

Every day I’ll try to follow the path He set

Even then, I’ll never be able to repay my debt





Regina Puckett


Like the ocean charging toward a reef

Without mercy, despair chased after grief

With cold abandon it soaked through my skin

My pores filled until no more could come in

So let these weary tears be fair warning to all

Despair will happily stand by and watch you fall