Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

When Nothing Remained

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When Nothing Remained

Regina Puckett


He took her heart

He emptied out her soul

He broke her apart

He stole her self-control

And when nothing remained

He walked away

And left her chained

To yesterday



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Regina Puckett


They went on foot, on horses and in tanks

They went without waiting for our thanks

They went for love of country and with pride

All went, some came home and some died

But every single one gave their all and more

They did it for us, our country and its shores

They did it with dignity, grace and brave hearts

These heroes who made a whole of all of our parts

Long After I’ve Gone

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Long After I’ve Gone


Memoires stack like dead wood

Right next to my piles of I should

Are the things that are precious

The moments that left me breathless

Guarded in the place I feel shielded

Is the love my entire life has yielded

And here inside the safety of my heart

Are the ones in which I’ll never part

Even long after I’ve gone from this place

Pieces of me will linger because of grace


Poverty’s Lair


Poverty’s Lair

Regina Puckett


Trash cluttered the empty stairwell

But it mattered not – this was hell

A place only the poor could afford

It was where our shame was stored

It was there we didn’t have to see

Those who we were proud weren’t –we

This place held hungry stomachs and hearts

It sheltered misery and futilities moving parts

A place sadly colored in dearth and despair

It reeked of hopelessness- this poverty’s lair





Regina Puckett


Dirty rags and a gray bearded chin

Held tiny bits of where he had been

Sad eyes and hard-pressed lips

Were all we saw of his past slips

He hovered nearby in well-worn shoes

Smelling a little like despair and booze

I dropped a dollar into the box at his feet

Feeling our transaction was now complete

But he smiled his gratitude for my small gift

And something inside of me started to shift

My heart expanded and opened and let him in

And I loved this poor man like he was my friend

So ashamed I had judged his low station in life

Only God knew how this man had endured life’s strife

Only God knew what was in this man’s heart and soul

So I smiled and asked God to make us both whole



Why Let Death Carry On?

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Why Let Death Carry On?

Regina Puckett


The silence quietly roared

But no one took up their sword

They all stood back and waited

For death to be fully sated

Only then did they shed a tear

But no one really did care

Or else why let death carry on

Until our innocence was gone?


From Concealed In My Heart to Angel Collection an Interview with Author Regina Puckett

Go Bare Maximum with Edgar Rider

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Coming in 2018

Here is my interview with author Regina Puckett. She imparts helpful advice about the long road to becoming a published author.

ER:Hello Regina Puckett, was your first ever published book Balloon Wishes or were some titles before that one and the latest one I believe is called Angel Collection .

RP: My first published books were full-length novels – Concealed in My Heart, Songs that I Whisper, What the Heart Knows, Love’s Great Plan and Love is a Promise Kept. A few years ago I wanted to see if I could write an acceptable short romance for a winter analogy that was being put together by the publisher I was with at that time. I loved Hearts on Fire so much that I wrote several more.

A few years later, I decided to try my hand at writing horror. I love reading it but…

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Regina Puckett


The big bad wolf huffed and blew

The little pigs knew not what to do

Prince Charming carried around a shoe

But Cinderella was stuck up a dirty flue

All the kings horsemen laughter grew

As Humpty Dumpty begged for some glue

Snow White gathered around her new crew

Her stepmother handed an apple covered in dew

The poor three blind mice missed out on the view

As Peter Rabbit almost landed in the farmer’s stew

It’s a good thing the fairytales weren’t true

Because even make-believe is dangerous too


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Regina Puckett


I called down from the rooftop

Begging for the world to stop

Stop fighting with each other

Stop killing your brother

Stop hating the other color

Stop loving the almighty dollar

Stop and help those in need

Stop collecting out of greed

Stop and take a moment to pray

Stop and appreciate life’s ballet

Because before you know

Time stops and lets you go


My Tyrant

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My Tyrant

Regina Puckett


There stood my tyrant

Frozen, unwhispered silence

It stared me in the eye

Waiting for me to cry

But I stood – unmoved

Knowing it disapproved

I cared not that it waited

Silence wasn’t what I hated

In fact, I reveled in its stillness

Only in it was there realness