Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

All Over Again

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All Over Again

Regina Puckett


I dreamed and made them all come true

My feet on the ground and in the clouds too

I sat, walked, ran and danced all at the same time

I gave stories to others while keeping them mine

I wasted my life and still somehow saved my soul

I shattered into a millions pieces and stayed whole

I would do everything all over again in a heartbeat

If I still can daydream, imagine, execute and create


I Saw Love Today

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I Saw Love Today

Regina Puckett


I saw love up close today

It listened to what I had to say

It was kind and understanding

It gave without demanding

It waited patiently in the wings

It healed my pain and stings

It saw the true me and stayed

It cried, it soared and it played

It was hopeful, gentle and true

Love sheltered me through and through


What If?


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What If?

Regina Puckett


What if I had just two more years

Would I then not have so many tears

What if I had just two more weeks

Would he once again pinch my cheeks

What if I had just two more minutes

Would I be able to stretch out his visit

What if I had just more long, lasting seconds

Would I follow him to heaven if he beckons

What would I do with just more time with dad

I would cherish every moment the two of us had

There’s Nothing I Can Do

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There’s Nothing I Can Do


Regina Puckett




I tried grabbing your heartstrings


Before you drifted too far away


But they sprouted their own wings


And refused to stay one more day


So here I stand watching you leave


Wishing I knew what to say to you


But there you go and here I grieve


Realizing there’s nothing I can do


The Other Class

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The Other Class

Regina Puckett


We find a million ways to hurt each other

Forgetting we all bleed underneath our color

Blue eyes evading brown and brown avoiding blue

The screaming so loud we no longer know what to do

So we hide behind locked doors and closed hearts

And let the police take care of all the moving parts

Let the men in blue count the bullets flying both ways

We’ll watch them clean up the blood after the blaze

In our comfy chairs we’ll discuss who was wrong or right

We’ll shake our heads over those other men’s plight

We’ll wonder why everyone else can’t just get along

We’ll march, burn the city down and maybe even write a song

But the thing we just can’t seem to ever do is get off our ass,

Meet those in the middle, who we consider the other class

Don’t Take Love for Granted

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Don’t Take Love for Granted


Did you wait until Valentina’s Day

To whisper the words you should say

Or maybe you waited to see the hearse

Before you remembered love’s sweet verse

“I love you” should be said every single day

It also should be shown in every single way

Don’t take love for granted – even for a minute

It’s a wondrous, amazing state for anyone in it


In My Womb

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In My Womb

Regina Puckett


I have never killed anyone

But I’ve watched someone die

I have never touched the sun

But I’ve observed the sky cry

I have never shattered a heart

But I have witnessed love bloom

I have never ventured off chart

But I’ve had the future in my womb


Who Will Be My Champion?

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Who Will Be My Champion?

Regina Puckett


She harbored me underneath her own heartbeats

Welcoming me into the world upon bloody sheets

She cradled me in hunger and rocked away my cries

Wiping away my drool and the tears from my eyes

She taught me how to walk, talk and honest labor

Encouraging me to love myself as well as my neighbor

She kept me safe and then watched me fall from the nest

Welcoming each new talent I gained from each failed test

But then she fell behind as I ran full-fledged ahead

Cheering from the sidelines and then from her bed

Who will be my champion when she’s no longer here

Who will give me hope and love when she disappears


Words Lost

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Words Lost

Regina Puckett


They were words lost in the wind

A soul stretched out much too thin

Love poured into a dried out heart

Stitching what had been ripped apart

However, what did any of it really do

We are still hollow through and through


My Bucket List

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My Bucket List

Regina Puckett


Think of all the things I missed

While making out my bucket list

Why was I writing instead of doing?

I should have been busy pursuing

I should have lent a hand out of kindness

I should have awoken from my blindness

But instead I made a long list of things to do

And forgot to appreciate this moment’s view