Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

A Tireless Knowing

falling boy

A Tireless Knowing

Regina Puckett


Worries tugged and poked

Doubts stabbed and choked

Qualms gouged and nipped

Fears sliced and chipped

So hope brought his friends

Joy and valor stitched amends

Faith and wonder held and soothed

Belief and daring tucked and smoothed

Trust and bliss cradled and believed

A tireless knowing of what can be achieved



An Empty Vessel

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An Empty Vessel

Regina Puckett


I’ve been formed from dirt

A tatty bundle of pain and hurt

A determined ball of raw nerve

An echoing of words never heard

An empty vessel filled with unsung lyrics

A waiting heart pursuing hopeful spirits


Young and Green

girl with big blue eyes

Young and Green

Regina Puckett


Back when I was so achingly young and green

I had no idea the world was so dreadfully mean

I didn’t know that people would lie for no reason

I didn’t know friends could commit such treason

In my youth I believed that the good won every time

I thought that bad would be punished for their crime

But one day my eyes were opened and I understood

That the bad often win by cheating those who are good

I saw that when the easy way out is taken no one cares

I saw that the homeless and hungry are none of our affairs

I discovered that the most ignorant are the loudest around

I saw for myself that the truth seekers get lost in the crowd

I would give anything to be that green youth once again

To have my heart unblemished by this world and its sin


I’m Here

44084916 - double exposure of young woman with swan and dogwood flowers

I’m Here

Regina Puckett


The world believes I’m just along for the ride

But I’m not on this earth to run away and hide

I’m here to look under every rock and in every cleft

I’m here to wring out life until there’s nothing left

I’m here to figure what is my gift and then use it

I’m here to run at full throttle and refuse to quit

The world needs to stop uttering warnings in my ear

I’m more than just along for the ride – I’m really here




Regina Puckett


This mirror reveals my every crack

This world reflects my every lack

This pain exposes my every weakness

This heart leaks out my every bleakness

This mind divulges my every concern

This mouth speaks my every single yearn

This mirror doesn’t see my inner forte

This world doesn’t reveal my soul’s purport

This pain doesn’t disclose what my heart knows

This heart doesn’t reveal what it holds close

This mind doesn’t unveil my impending schemes

This mouth doesn’t tell all of my wonderful dreams


66120971 - woman with mental problems covering her face reflected in mirror

I Live

51362767 - blonde woman dancing with long flying hair at night

I Live

Regina Puckett


I live with a heart that breaks

I live with a soul that quakes

I live with a mind that wanders

I live with a wisdom that ponders

I live with an imagination that flies

I live with dreams that always surprise

I live with a hope that can’t be killed

I live with a want that can never be filled

I live with ideas that nudge me ever forward

I live with a pen that leaks word after word


Only Yesterday

coty & ian little

Only Yesterday

Regina Puckett


They flew away from their nests

Hope clutched against their breasts

Youthful dreams and hopes untarnished

Finally unyoked from their parents’ harness

So many possibilities and their futures calling

It feels like only yesterday they were crawling


Great Expectations

young man

Great Expectations

Regina Puckett


Why does life have to hurt so much

Why is it I reach out but can never touch

I keep walking toward that far off horizon

The sun sets and every day it keeps rising

But it is just as far away as it was yesterday

Day changes into night and night into day

Great expectations turn into dismal failure

Success seduces me and becomes my jailor

Victory is only a word found in the dictionary

Winning defeats the best and makes us wary


Footprints Never Tread

76132861 - beautiful woman with arms open wide in the sky

Footprints Never Tread

Regina Puckett


I walked the road less traveled

I followed the threads unraveled

I trekked toward the unlit skies

I marched to where time flies

I ran every day full steam ahead

I stepped in footprints never tread

I wandered through life like a mist

I sought that place where we coexist



little girl wearing high heels


Regina Puckett


Inside me is a scared little girl

An oyster hiding its precious pearl

She yearns for the day to be born

Brand new shoes waiting to be worn

A heartbeat paused inside her chest

Ready to take on a woman’s quest