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A Little Jaded

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A Little Jaded

Regina Puckett


All of my colors have faded

A little older – a little jaded

Trust ran away a long time ago

Faith and hope are a no-show

Patience might be a virtue

But using it will only hurt you

The world no longer waits

Love was crushed by our hates

Each surrounds me like soldiers

Adding burdens to my shoulders

Until the weight shatters my soul

But nothing was ever in my control



The Poetry Corner featuring Regina Puckett

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Good morning and welcome to this week’s Poetry Corner! Please join me in welcoming Regina Pucket! 🙂

Angerby Regina Puckett

Anger is like a soggy page
Of twisted thoughts and ragged rage
Wedged there between each weighed word
Are judgments better left unheard
But each cruel slash is keenly felt
They swell and leave a weathered welt

Powerful poem, Regina. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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The Poetry Corner featuring Regina Puckett

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Two Remained as One

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Two Remained as One

Regina Puckett


It started out as a sweet lark

Two sets of initials craved into bark

A first date that turned into years

Two hearts that overcame their fears

Kisses that turned into – stay forever

Two people who want to leave – never

So those weathered initials have stayed

Because two remained as one – unafraid


I Want to Be

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I Want to Be

Regina Puckett


I want to be that memory you hold tight

I want to be the last person think of at night

I want to be the song you write and hum

I want to be the heart you hold onto and strum

I want to be magic so your pain will disappear

I want to be the thought you want to draw near

I want to be the stardust on all of your dreams

I want to be the ray of hope on your moonbeams

I want to be everything to you and even more

Because you are all of these and even more


My Face

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My Face

Regina Puckett


These jagged blemishes and scars

Were made when I shot for the stars

They are proof that I gave life my all

And the days I couldn’t fly I would crawl

I never gave up when life got too tough

I held on when the ride was too rough

So if you think I’m just a little too blemished

I refuse to feel that I’m used up or diminished

I earned every wrinkle and unhealed wound

My face is a roadmap of the life I consumed


The World Doesn’t Care if You Quit

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The World Doesn’t Care if You Quit

Regina Puckett


I came into the world weary and terrified

But it paid no attention whenever I cried

It didn’t wait for me to pick myself and move

It told me to get over myself and improve

It had no patience when I became frustrated

Whenever I fell, it never stopped and waited

I had to learn my lessons fast and get on with it

Because the world doesn’t care if you quit

The only one who will lose in the end is you

So get up, get on and do what it is that you do

Write, sing, dance, seek the brightest stars and fly

Because the world never notices the day you die


40 Gems- ‘A Living Series Wall of Fame.’

via 40 Gems- ‘A Living Series Wall of Fame.’

You Fall

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You Fall

Regina Puckett


You took advantage and broke my trust

So go ahead and do what you must

But remember that you once had it all

And once you fall from grace – you fall

You fall from my heart and my world

You fall with wings broken and unfurled

And when you hit bottom remember this

It was you who ended it with your Judas kiss


We Were One

Winter scene

We Were One

Regina Puckett


There in the hushed silence we stood

Warm bodies next to frozen wood

For a brief moment, we were one

Arms raised toward the morning sun

God’s creations seeking a respite

There in His – “let there be light”