Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

What Was Precious and Good

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What Was Precious and Good

Regina Puckett


Tiptoeing to our parent’s bed

Seeking a place to rest our head

A safe place from the nightmares

A warm place where someone cares

A place where your mother holds you

A place your father patiently consoles you

A place the booming thunder is far away

A place the boogieman is afraid to play

Where do we tiptoe to now we are grown

When the thunder booms and we are alone

Who will cradle us and soothe away our fears

Who will chase the monsters and wipe our tears

Who will we turn to when our dreams go wrong

Who will read us fairytales and sing our favorite song

Who will love us as our mother and father only could

Who will replace what was so precious and good?


Stand by His Side

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Stand By His Side

Regina Puckett


Will I fall down to my knees

Or will I feel completely at ease

Will His brilliance blind me

Or will it finally let me see

Will my shame crush my soul

Or will His grace make it whole

Will Heaven’s gates open wide

Or will its bars shut me outside

Will I sing with the angels and the Host

Or will my lips be sealed by the Holy Ghost

Will Hell swallow me and lock me inside

Or will God allow me to stand by His side


Falling Star 13362143_s


Regina Puckett


Once trapped inside a closed-minded cage

A spirit tapped at the bars with seething rage

The untiring taps bent the bars – one by one

Until the steadfast spirit broke them and won

Freed it soared in a beautiful – unfettered flight

Searching truth, hope, love and what is right

Released from behind those constraining bars

The unencumbered spirit now flies among the stars


Create Something Good


Create Something Good

Regina Puckett


I rose from the ashes and cinders

I built me from pieces of splinters

I formed who I am from broken bits

So I have no use for anyone who quits

Do you plan to sit there and simply die

Wipe the tears after you rage and cry

Stomp your feet and get up from the dirt

Create something good from all of that hurt


Truth Saved the Day

Truth Saved the Day

Regina Puckett

 Worry bullied me to tears

Uncertainty flamed my fears

Insecurity blinded my belief

Doubt stole all of my relief

Mistrust terrorized my heart

Anxiety tore my life apart

Until truth saved the day

Leaving them nothing to say


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A Fort Out of Sheets

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A Fort Out of Sheets

Regina Puckett


Let us build a fort out of sheets

We’ll dance to our own beats

We’ll jump into muddy puddles

We’ll plot and plan in huddles

We’ll snort and snicker at old jokes

We’ll paint in our boldest strokes

We’ll gaze at the stars and moon

Because old age comes much too soon





Regina Puckett


I picked lovely blossoms from the tree

A pressed memory for you and for me

Each flower a tiny reminder of this day

Moments to cherish and words to weigh

An escape back to when love was new

A pondering of where all the time had flew

Just babes in the woods who grew into us

Wondering how youth could be so treasonous


Dancing in the Park


Dancing in the Park

Regina Puckett


I’m dancing in the park

A solitary figure in the dark

Barefoot in the long grass

Moonlight my looking glass

Twirling to the beat of my heart

Night my cohort and counterpart

So here, I dance alone with him

A breeze whispering a sweet hymn


Moving Parts

27478241 - fight, close up of two fists hitting each other over dramatic sky

Moving Parts

Regina Puckett


We waited for perfect

Something else to collect

We wanted everything

An earthly worshipping

We were unsatisfied

Nothing left untried

We were like suckling babes

With our useless crusades

We were loud and unapologetic

Maybe bordering on frenetic

Until the noise deafened us

Moving parts putting up a fuss


Twirling in Sync

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Twirling in Sync

Regina Puckett


Angels danced around the room

As if, the deathbed was a ballroom

They sang songs of sweet freedom

A beautiful escort to Kingdom Come

Feathery wings and shimmering haloes

Twirling in sync around death’s gallows