Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer



Regina Puckett


Bare toes stretched up to meet the bright sun

Not realizing how precious was this day of fun

Not understanding this freedom wouldn’t last

Not knowing that one day time will go too fast

Not fully appreciating this lazy day of wholesome joy

Not grasping the lack of fetters of just being a boy

Please, don’t tell him of the chains that wait up ahead

Let him enjoy these moments and let the future go unsaid


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Regina Puckett


Night lifted her heavy veil

And let the moon take sail

It crossed through the darkness

It cut through gloom’s starkness

It touched us with its elusive beauty

It glistened with faithfulness and duty

It watched over us until the sun rose

Unaware that it had inspired new prose

moon from clive

photo by Clive S. Johnson

Live Forever

Live Forever

Regina Puckett


If I hold my breath

Will it halt death

Can I stop the clock

Just one moment block

Can I for a minute pretend

That life isn’t made to end

If I close both of my eyes

Can un-see how time flies

If I cover both of my ears

Will time stop adding years

Which action or endeavor

Will help me live forever?


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My Spotlight


My Spotlight

Regina Puckett


The sunlight is my spotlight

It marks my place on stage

Its sets my world upright

It turns to the next page

It claps and calls my encore

It shines until the moon rises

It smiles and sheens its rapport

It is everything my life symbolizes


Side by Side

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Side by Side

Regina Puckett


One day will never be enough

No matter how long or tough

I need more than this one day

I need a million – so please stay

Even if I can’t find the words to say

Let each moment together be our ballet

Let each tender touch be our life’s song

Because side by side is where we belong


Just Around The Bend

Just Around the Bend

Regina Puckett


I wandered down a winding, lonely road

Strapped there on my back a heavy load

Day after endless day I continued to roam

Seeking a refuge I hoped could be my home

But my legs refused to stay in any one place

My heart said to continue my bleak race

Because just around the next bend I’ll find more

Around the next curve is another unopened door

Just up the road is a new quest I should pursue

Just around the next bend is something brand new


walking alone

Find Something

Find Something

Regina Puckett


I came into the world – weary

Often downhearted and teary

I waited with such anticipation

Expecting something from creation

But each day creation waited for me

It wanted more than for me to just – be

It actually expected me to mark my place

It wanted me to put a smile on my face

To paint in bold strokes and a glad heart

To offer a helping hand and take part

And on those l days when I’m tired

Find something to keep me inspired


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Regina Puckett


Pure joy is frequently frowned upon

Happiness is regularly swept along

Bliss is seldom allowed to sit down

Pleasure is told it can’t hang around

Optimism is often made to sit in the back

Confidence is told it’s on the wrong track

But hopefulness finally took a firm stand

It said I might, I should, I will, I must, I can


Another Empty House

empty house

Another Empty House

Regina Puckett


Take your pain and tap it all down

Blink away your tears until you drown

Suppress your anger and watch it smolder

Put chip after tiny chip onto your shoulder

Let chaos seethe and anarchy continue to plot

Let the nightly news plant your every thought

Until you wake and don’t know who you are

Just another empty house with its front door ajar


Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up


This world’s biggest disability

Is the loss of all of our civility

Instead of a sweet, white knight

Rides in someone who likes to fight

Instead of a show of kind chivalry

Chaos erupts because of bigotry

Hate is spewed and nastiness planted

Nursery rhymes are no longer enchanted

The glass ceiling is now unbreakable concrete

Winning is only for those folks who cheat

No one hears you because everyone’s shouting

Smiling is so yesterday because everyone’s pouting

Right ran away, because Wrong kept slapping it down

Don’t look up, because the throne is filled with a clown


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