Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

It Is Amazing

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It is Amazing

Regina Puckett


Sweet words of love exchanged

Walking down the aisle arranged

Babies added one by beautiful one

Playing hide and seek out in the sun

Learning about the world as they play

Until one day your babies move away

Leaving two alone to walk toward the sunset

It is amazing what sweet words of love beget



My New Home

fairies in the forest

My New Home

Regina Puckett


I slipped through the canopy of trees

As if upon a raft in the middle of the seas

A lost wanderer there under their branches

Seeking a respite from unoffered chances

Whispering to their cool shade a quiet ode

Gladly following fairies upon a mossy road

Maybe they will let me live there with them

My new home built there high upon a limb


Growing Old

30087286 - senior man playing air guitar in the park

Growing Old

Regina Puckett


Let’s take a drive through the country

Let’s go sixties wild-child and hug a tree

Let’s kick off our shoes and shake off today

Let’s for once have something real to say

Let’s find our roots or plant some new ones

Let’s find where the cats have hidden our tongues

Growing old doesn’t mean you completely disappear

It only means you find everything so much more dear


An Unblemished Lamb

An Unblemished Lamb

Regina Puckett


The devil’s in the details

Shut down by four nails

He was an unblemished Lamb

Sent to us from the great I Am

So listen to your guardian angels

Follow the Man born in the stables



I’m Not Following Them

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I’m Not Following Them

Regina Puckett


The part of me you don’t know

Are where demons pull at my soul

They pick at my heart and mind

They whisper to be hurtful – unkind

Every day I fight a bloody, endless war

I can’t hear my loved ones for their roar

They tell me I should give up and quit

But I’m not following them into the pit


Who Will Know the Truth?

Who Will Know the Truth?

Regina Puckett


Lady Justice dropped her weighty scales

Unfairness drove in a few more nails

Trouble came for our hearts with glee

Woe blinded us until one could see

Who will survive the choking tidal wave

Who will stay honest, true and brave

Who will know the truth when its spoken

Who will fix us now we are so broken?

lady justice

Can’t Live Our Limited Hours

walking alone

Can’t Live Our Limited Hours

Regina Puckett


Gather as many as you like as your own

We still walk this long journey all alone

Each decision falls on our own shoulders

The people around us are mere beholders

They might whisper sweet words of cheer

They might hold our hands or shed a tear

But in the end, each step we take is ours

Our loved ones can’t live our limited hours


Only Tomorrow Knows

Against Our Will 25277977_s

Only Tomorrow Knows

Regina Puckett


Today has enough troubles alone

Leave tomorrow’s unasked – unknown

There will time enough to face those

Until that time – leave that door closed

Today – embrace the new sun with a smile

Lift that weight, carry that load, walk that mile

At the end of the day, lay that burden down

Only tomorrow knows if it holds rocky ground



41144407 - portrait of a very angry little girl outdoors


Regina Puckett


What would you do for spite?

You could make things right

Or you could get back at them

You could scream and condemn

Spite only eats away at your insides

It conquers, it hurts and it divides

So why don’t you just walk away

Instead of letting it ruin your day



painted face


Regina Puckett


How easy it would be to walk away

From this stress, confusion – today

But here I stand pulling up my bootstraps

Life is more than giving in – it is perhaps…

Perhaps today will more than it is now

Perhaps I can turn this ‘I can’t’ into how?

How can I do better and how can I fix this?

How can I paint today in colors of bliss?

How I can be the one who listens and hears?

How can I brush away the tears and fears?