Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer




Regina Puckett


What would you go back in time and redo

Which pain would you choose to not go through

Which day would you erase out of your recollection

Which pain would you gladly cut from your collection

But what if you needed them all to be who you are

What if you needed each hard-earned welt and scar

Would you still change the thing that make you – you

Sometimes heartbreak is what we have to go through





Regina Puckett


Words caress against the skin

Words echo where you’ve been

Words chip there on your shoulder

Words burn you hot or much colder

Words touch your heart or break it

Words undo love or show you commit

Words tear apart or bring you closer

Words whisper directly to a composer

Words slice away until they destroy

Words embrace and bring so much joy


Communication Concept

They Will Walk Me Home

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They Will Walk Me Home

Regina Puckett


A host of angels surrounds me every day

They hold my hand to help me along the way

They carry me on their wings when I stumble

They remind me I’m loved and to stay humble

They block the path when my enemies come near

They hold my hand when I tremble and calm my fear

They watch when I sleep and guard through the night

They will walk me home after I’ve fought the good fight



We Choose

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We Choose

Regina Puckett


Life is a very delicate dance

Between opportunity and chance

One leads while the other one waits

Each dance partner a part of our fates

But we choose the music and the pace

Keeping it a balanced dance and not a race


Tiny Strings

daughters two208726_1840986376758_618345_n

Tiny Strings

Regina Puckett


Two sweet little girls quickly running up to me

Turning into the women they were meant to be

From zero to forty in mere blinks of my eyes

Quick minds who were once merely baby cries

The nights of rocking and pacing across the floor

Turned into them finding their own wings to soar

My daughters gave me the best memories to hold

Tiny strings to tie my heart together as I grow old


We Need Good People

We Need Good People

Regina Puckett


We have empty vessels sitting in our halls of justice

These bags of hot air are only there to rob from us

They have both hands extended and speak only lies

They put on a show of compassion but laugh at our cries

We can longer tell the honest from the snake in the grass

We need good people who will work for the working class


lady justice


soldier 19381223_s


Regina Puckett


Wars are orchestrated by adult children

Moving real people like little plastic toys

This world is such a crazy place we live in

Where mothers lose their girls and boys

Will there ever be a time we live in peace

A time where mature men decide our fates

A time where the wars and bloodshed cease

A time when only love rules and no one hates?


Turn Around the Sun

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Turn Around the Sun

Regina Puckett


Yesterday is a relic of the past

Today will go much too fast

Tomorrow may never come

This moment is your tidy sum

It is all you really have to hold

So take it and be brave- be bold

Seize it with both hands and run

Precious is this turn around the sun


He Delivered

Fetus 21089226_s

He Delivered

Regina Puckett


The day we gather around the throne

You’ll finally realize you were never alone

All you had to do was simply look and see

He was there every time you knelt your knee

He was there by your side and had your back

He was your shining star when times were black

He was the shoulder you cried on and your rock

He was there in stormy times as your safe dock

He was the one who understood your great worth

He delivered your soul on the day of your birth


The Very Finest

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The Very Finest

Regina Puckett


We have heroes who walked among us

They do so without fame, glory or fuss

They merely carry on as if not broken

They contain nightmares not spoken

They live quiet lives hiding their scars

The very finest of our stripes and bars