Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

It Looked a Lot Like You

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It Looked a Lot Like You

Regina Puckett


A hurricane blew through

It looked a lot like you

It huffed, puffed and blew

Until there was nothing left to do

But batten down the hatches

Secure the doors and the latches

Pray for sunshine and rainbows

And until then, wait in the shadows


Another Cast Out

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Another Cast Out

Regina Puckett


Hair blowing in the wind

Heart flayed and skinned

Sun beating on my head

Soul so broken – so dead

Is this the end or beginning

Is this losing or winning

A story waiting to be written

Another cast out trying to fit in


And Yet

Woman holding heart dreamstime_xs_9265855[1]

And Yet

Regina Puckett


You wrecked my heart and left me speechless

You tore my world asunder and left me defenseless

You stomped through every single hope and dream

You laughed when my heart broke and my tears screamed

You plundered and stole every single thing I had preserved

And yet I still loved you more than you ever deserved


All of My Hates

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All of My Hates

Regina Puckett


Winter brings out all of my bad traits

Before it’s over I experience all of my hates

I hate the cold unless it’s snowflakes on my cheeks

I hate fog unless it’s covering tall mountain peaks

I hate the sound of the wind unless it brings spring

I hate gray skies unless it’s filled with birds who sing

I hate snow unless it covers everything the eye can see

I hate sliding on ice unless you’re there to catch me


My Childish Reasoning

screaming little girl

My Childish Reasoning

Regina Puckett


When I was a child, I wanted it all

I wanted to fly but never fall

I wanted to run fast but never leave

I wanted passages but never to grieve

I wanted love without suffocation

I wanted trials without tribulation

I wanted everything without the cost

I wanted to seek without getting lost

Then day I grew up and I saw

My childish reasoning had a flaw

You have to give before you can take

And you can’t heal the pain without the ache

He Was


He Was

Regina Puckett


I was the prettiest baby he had ever seen

I was his second daughter, his baby Jean

I was a mystery he never could figure out

I was the stranger looking in filled with doubt

I was the one who questioned everything

I was the one who thought he was a king

I was one of many who had to say goodbye

I was the one who watched him leave and cried

But he was so much more than we ever knew

He was honest, funny, dependable and true

He was the one who stayed strong and brave

He was the one who took our hearts to his grave


Someone Erased It

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Someone Erased It

Regina Puckett


I painted a portrait in my mind

A world where everyone is kind

I colored the sky in beautiful hues

I shaded the ocean in shades of blues

I penciled in love, peace and accord

I erased guns, bullets, arrows and a sword

I drew people listening to their brothers

I sketched babies wanted by their mothers

In my painting, no one was allowed to hate

Then someone erased it as if it was a slate


March On

picture Don't Quit dreamstime_xs_25896526[1]

March On

Regina Puckett


Anguish turned and looked at me

I wonder what it thought it would see

I’m much more than these flesh and bones

My spirit can’t be crushed by mere stones

My heart is tougher than you might think

Watch me stare down despair and never blink

I’m grabbing my bootstraps and marching on

Because I can see beyond this dark dawn

I know the sun will shine after the storm

So let the world laugh, I’ll never conform



Now picture for bookcover Concealed in My Heartdreamstime_xs_10213366[1]


Regina Puckett


Torn with pain but – tearless

Staring down the enemy – fearless

Willing to go into battle – relentless

Dying hour by hour but – ageless

Watching every sunrise – breathless

Watching loved ones leave – helpless

Wishing the world understood – friendless

Discourse without regret but still – speechless


And Still

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And Still

Regina Puckett


I didn’t leave you stranded or high and dry

I didn’t break your heart or make you cry

I didn’t disappoint your heart or your expectations

I didn’t shatter your spirit or destroy your foundations

But I did give you hope when all looked lost

I gave you my all – no matter how high the cost

I waited when everyone else turned and walked away

I followed you into battle and pulled you out of the fray

I held your hand, cradled your heart and always stayed

I shooed away your demons and still – you are afraid