Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Dancing in the Park


Dancing in the Park

Regina Puckett


I’m dancing in the park

A solitary figure in the dark

Barefoot in the long grass

Moonlight my looking glass

Twirling to the beat of my heart

Night my cohort and counterpart

So here, I dance alone with him

A breeze whispering a sweet hymn



Moving Parts

27478241 - fight, close up of two fists hitting each other over dramatic sky

Moving Parts

Regina Puckett


We waited for perfect

Something else to collect

We wanted everything

An earthly worshipping

We were unsatisfied

Nothing left untried

We were like suckling babes

With our useless crusades

We were loud and unapologetic

Maybe bordering on frenetic

Until the noise deafened us

Moving parts putting up a fuss


Twirling in Sync

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Twirling in Sync

Regina Puckett


Angels danced around the room

As if, the deathbed was a ballroom

They sang songs of sweet freedom

A beautiful escort to Kingdom Come

Feathery wings and shimmering haloes

Twirling in sync around death’s gallows


A Father

little girl dancing

A Father

Regina Puckett


One day a father watches his sweet daughter play

The next day he is giving the stunning bride away

The days in between were a mere blur of blinks

One day warming the baby bottle to toasting drinks

Why did those days run by in such an awful rush

No artist could ever capture their beauty with a brush

No vocalist could ever resonate the giggles or whispers

Nothing will ever replace her tiny fingers in his whiskers

These tender moments are forever sketched in his mind

Each day and year are now only a bittersweet rewind


Our Hearts Whispered

7501250 - a free flying white dove isolated on a black background

Our Hearts Whispered

Regina Puckett


Black suit and tie

A mournful sky

Everyone assembled

The thunder trembled

No one shed a tear

Instead, we said a prayer

Our hearts whispered goodbye

And waited for your spirit to fly


In Gratitude

red sky

In Gratitude

Regina Puckett


The sun lit the early morning sky on fire

Pink clouds gathering as if an angel choir

The birds danced before Almighty God

While us mere mortals stood by awed

What could we do but bow in gratitude?

Another day for our souls to be renewed


Will You Boldly Stand?

Hollow Abyss

Will You Boldly Stand?

Regina Puckett


The beginning came with curves and bumps

Another hill to climb or cliffs with their jumps

Each new struggle was something to overcome

New words to new songs and a different drum

Life is in a continuous state of crushing change

Reaching the top, only to find another mountain range

So are you just going to give up and refuse to carry on

Or will you boldly stand and face the brand new dawn?


I Do

Our Rock 21078408_s

I Do

Regina Puckett


We danced in the pouring rain

We laughed off the awful pain

We strolled through moonlight

We let our dreams take flight

We fought off hatred as one

We welcomed in each new sun

We allowed love to carry us through

When we promised our solemn ‘I do’


The Righteous

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The Righteous

Regina Puckett


Love tiptoed in on baby sighs

Hope crept in on morning skies

Faith fell in with the morning dew

Courage glided in out of the blue

Belief dropped over us with the rain

Knowledge grew as new sprouted grain

But terrible suspicion slid in with the night

Until even the righteous didn’t recognize right


One Last Journey

Falling Star 13362143_s

One Last Journey

Regina Puckett


Every day a new star falls

Wayfaring to where God calls

Don’t shred tears for the lost light

They are merely flying their last flight

Soon we’re join with their iridescent dust

One joyful journey of hope, faith and trust