Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer


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Regina Puckett


I woke up so very tired

Eyes open and uninspired

Feet with nowhere to go

Unexplored worlds to forgo

Thoughts left un-thought

Knots still tied in a knot

I would run away, but why?

Tears only come when cried

Hearts only mend sometimes

Dreams aren’t colored in rhymes

So I sit here – eyes wide open

With my imagination broken




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Regina Puckett


Once there were two little boys

Who loved running better than toys

They were full of giggles and boyish plots

Ringing the house with the banging of pots

Everything was such a wonder and so new

But when I was still busy playing peek a boo

These two sweet little boys grew into men

So why do I still vividly remember back then?


My Birth

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My Birth

Regina Puckett

Another year – another day of my birth

Another opportunity to prove my worth

Another measuring of each breath taken

Another assessing of things I’ve forsaken

Another chance to become so much more

Another road, another hill, another door

Another tally of all of my chances given

Another grace offered and being forgiven

So I’ll blow out the candles and then smile

Because I welcome the newness of each mile


The Person I Am

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The Person I Am

Regina Puckett


I don’t have a single clue

What I would go back and redo

Each mistake was a hard lesson

Turned into a wonderful blessin’

Wrong turns led me somewhere new

New challenges offered a better view

Bitter hardships toughen my outer skin

So I’m not ashamed of where I’ve been

I may have taken the long way at times

And I often paid no attention to the signs

So shake your head at my pigheadedness

I’m proud those lessons weren’t meaningless

Each one made me into the person I am

So maybe it pays to not follow life’s diagram


An Endless Process


An Endless Process

Regina Puckett


The tiny ant picked up his load and moved on

The hummingbird fluttered but sang no song

The worm dug through the dirt without a plan

The seagull flew on without a safe place to land

The elephant forgot what couldn’t be forgotten

The vulture picked at what was dead and rotten

The salmon swam against the current and died

Each creature doing what was true and tried

This old world going around and around again

An endlessly process returning where it begin



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Regina Puckett


I remember being sixteen

There was joy in just being

No one thought it was wrong

If I could broke out into a song

And at the drop of a good beat

I could dance out in the street

I could giggle at the silliest thing

I could decorate my jeans in bling

I had my entire life up ahead of me

It was the clearest I would ever see

The obstacles didn’t form until much later

And I got lost in things that were greater

Death showed its ugly face and took away

Problems stacked and only added to the fray

Friends deserted me and family let me down

My giggles died and turned into a sad frown

But old age has decided to let me be me again

I can sing, dance and be who I was back then

Because sixteen is only a state of your mind

You must decide to leave the troubles behind



An Original Thought

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An Original Thought

Regina Puckett


I jumped into the rabbit’s hole

Thinking I would find my soul

But instead I only found the hare

Silly rabbit caught me in his snare

So I’ll dig my way out of this place

Once again joining the rat’s race

I’ll follow the crowd in this crazy maze

Allowing my mind to fill with the haze

Because who needs an original thought

When just about anything can be bought?


Leave Knowing

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Leave Knowing

Regina Puckett


I burned that bridge without regret

I crossed off one more heavy debt

I kept my eyes focused straight ahead

I lived with how I had made my bed

I had no shame over how hard I tried

I spilled all of the milk and never cried

A good life is only worth living at full tilt

It loses its shine when covered in guilt

So do everything as if it’s your last day

Leave knowing you left nothing to say


Display of Feces

bullied boy

Display of Feces

Regina Puckett


They called you a name

It was to belittle and defame

It was to cut you to the quick

It was a sly – verbally thrown brick

Something to dice you into pieces

An acceptable public display of feces

The old adage of sticks and stones

Lied – it breaks more than bones

It splices your soul and tears your spirit

It takes away your hope and your merit


You’ll be Here

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You’ll be Here

Regina Puckett


Even if none of it hadn’t ended well

I’d have fallen under your sweet spell

Even if you hadn’t said that you loved me

I would have carved our initials on that tree

Even if this world might end tomorrow

I would embrace the happiness and sorrow

Life is full of shadows and beckoning lights

It has its deep valleys and drizzling heights

But you keep me so steady and always certain

That you’ll be here as life draws the final curtain