Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

Life Cares Not

young man

Life Cares Not
Regina Puckett
Life expects us to get up and move on
It cares not how heavy is our sorrow stone
It cares not that we feel the weight of the earth
It cares not we have been destitute since birth
It cares not that we want to give up and in
It cares not that we lose more than we win
It cares not that our hearts have been broken
It cares not that we feel the harsh words spoken
It cares not that we see blackness and not the sun
It just tells us to get up and on until we are done


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Regina Puckett


Monsters seldom stay underneath the bed

They like playing havoc inside our head

They like watching us slowly fall apart

They like twisting our vulnerable heart

They like ripping us into broken pieces

And then they spit our words like feces

Until there’s nothing but decaying ashes

Creating nightmares behind our lashes

Cupid’s Arrow


Cupid’s Arrow

Regina Puckett


Cupid’s arrow was shot

And there I stood – caught

But that was many moons ago

Did our love find a way to grow

Did it anchor down and stay

Or did it simply go away

Do I still see forever in you

Do I ever regret saying I do?

Never.  I still see that young man

That asked so sweetly for my hand

Once Cupid’s arrow lodged into my heart

Our two halves formed into one part


Time passing concept

Regina Puckett
Chasing truth
Chasing proof
Chasing fame
Chasing a name
Chasing happiness
Chasing nothingness
Until we can’t catch our breath
And before we know it we find death

What Better Time?

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What Better Time?
Regina Puckett
We don’t choose who comes into our lives
But we get to choose the people who stay
We don’t get to choose our daily strives
But we get choose how to conquer the maze
So stop trembling and grab your battle gear
There are battles to fight and victories to win
The unknown waits and its time face your fear
The day is brand new so what better time to begin?

Its Cold Breath

Winter scene

Its Cold Breath
Regina Puckett
Here in this haunting, hushed silence of cold
Mister Winter walked so haughty and bold
It touched the world with its sharp, icy fingers
Whispering barren lies that hovers and lingers
It laughed at our emotional cries for it to leave
For Winter cared naught that we might grieve
For the lack of the spring’s beautiful colors
It just blew its cold breath down our collars

The Cost

stressed man with man outside

The Cost
Regina Puckett
I wonder if true love has a price
A collection after the throw of the dice
A charge after life has been tallied
A gathering after all has been rallied
Make it worth whatever the cost
Even if you know it might be lost

If They Would Wait

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If They Would Wait
Regina Puckett
There are people I still miss
A brother I can no longer kiss
A father whose smile was everything
A grandmother who I could always cling
I wish they could stop by for a visit
I would hold them and cherish all of it
I would ask them if they would wait
And make Heaven our next date


baby and mother


Regina Puckett


Love sneaks in quietly on innocent baby sighs

Love wraps your heart with teenager angst cries

Love circles you completely in children’s laughter

Love reminds you there are things worth chasing after

Love whispers into your ear when everyone else flees

Love shows you the splendor when no one else sees

Love heals your wounds and eases the terrible pain

Love lets you feel the sunshine even in the pouring rain

Love holds your hand and leads you through the darkest night

Love cradles your soul when its your turn to enter the light

New Love


New Love

Regina Puckett


New love has a scent of its own

Fresh cut grass the wind has blown

Early morning dew glistening in the sun

A moment of pure bliss coming undone

The breeze blowing in from the ocean

A good cry filled with so much emotion

Sun kissed, red-faced children laughing

Rain puddles and the delight of splashing

Two eyes meeting and electricity in the air

Two pure hearts accepting truth or dare