Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

They Had to Pay

They Had to Pay

Regina Puckett

The crowd pulled down our symbols of freedom

They mocked the men in blue as if they didn’t need em

They shouted large words to cover up their ignorance

They torched their own cities with absolute indifference

They shoved old people aside as if they didn’t matter

They split the country into pieces until we felt it shatter

And even then, none of them cried over what was lost

Until the day the bill arrived and they had to pay the cost

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Regina Puckett

How fast forty-eight years flies by
Filled with laughter and baby cries
Filled three steps forward and trips on cracks
Filled with yes we can and burdened backs
Filled with so much love, hope and determination
Filled with words of encouragement and flirtation
Filled with why nots and just plain dumb luck
Still holding my heart where cupid’s arrow struck

Shade of Grays

Shade of Grays

Regina Puckett

Zombies, ghosts, vampires, and screams in the night

Too many things to keep us trembling with fright

But I’ll take pretend monsters instead of the real McCoys

Those without consciousness who think bombs are toys

 We can turn off the scary movies and put down our books

But the real fiends destroy our history with grappling hooks

They burn down the places where they once laid their head

And where in those smoldering ashes will they buy their bread

Where will their children go to school and where will they play

Will they feel like they accomplished something the next day

After their anger has simmered and boiled over onto everyone

Will they be proud of their handiwork when they are finally done

Will they be content after the heat has burned away our skin color

The entire world covered in tones of muted gray and so much duller

I bet even then someone will despise the different shade of grays

Their hate won’t end until we all float away with the burning haze

We Can Still Be

We Can Still Be

Regina Puckett

We take flight for only for the world to swat us down

We finally find our stride for only to flounder and drown

But for some odd reason we get back up the very next day

We scream and scream until someone hears what we say

God has buried a quiet and relentless spirit inside our soul

So whenever the world rips us to pieces, we can still be whole

The Yin to My Yang

The Yin to My Yang

Regina Puckett

As another dispute is settled with a bang

You stand facing me – the yin to my yang

Once again, some stranger lights this fragile fuse

While we refuse to try on the other person’s shoes

So as the world burns, we circle around each other

Even though God created you to be my brother

Heaven’s Stairs

Heaven’s Stairs

Regina Puckett

The world loves chaos and death in the streets

The world loves whenever hate and violence meets

So I fall onto my knees and close my eyes to pray

The words the world doesn’t want me to say

Each and every word trips lightly upon Heaven’s stairs

Because the world can’t stop God from hearing my prayers

Until You Feel

Until You Feel

Regina Puckett

I will burn you down to rubble

I will torch through your bubble

Until you look through my eyes

Until you see through their lies

Until you feel what it is I feel

Only then will this world heal

Something Else to Add

Something Else to Add

Regina Puckett

Visions of hatred seeped through your eyes

Screams of profanity, loathing and cutting cries

They lodged in your brain and refused to leave

So when you saw the brutality, you didn’t grieve

It was just another thing to fall upon the numbness

Something else to add to your hollow soul’s emptiness

A Gesture

A Gesture

Regina Puckett

We are these individual, molded vessels

Where no one ever sees our silent wrestles

Each demon is fought inside this walled arena

Battles spinning in our heads like a ballerina

So even if you don’t hear my sobs or see my tears

That doesn’t mean this smile isn’t hiding my fears

This smile could be the only thing keeping me together

And a touch of your hand on mine might be our only tether

It lets the rest of the world know it is possible to connect

A gesture of kindness, trust, understanding and respect

Turned Us into Strangers

Turned Us into Strangers

Regina Puckett

Their deafening rage scorched the earth

Silenced breath stole another man’s birth

The news recorded as hate and death mated

The colors black and white cut adrift and separated

The outraged screams resounded loudly in our ears

As fear turned us into strangers instead of peers