Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

My One Grandchild

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My One Grandchild

Regina Puckett


There was one I didn’t behold

There was one I didn’t hold

Our snails or sugar and spice

Waits there for us in paradise

My one grandchild I never met

I hope they know – I’ll never forget



I Will Carry You

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I Will Carry You


Regina Puckett


I will carry you

Here in my heart

It is what I do

To hold a small part

Of our last day

So I clutch the past

It is the only way

To make it last

Because if I look away

You might disappear

So here you stay

Right here

With each heartbeat

With each breath drawn

A memory so sweet

A brother not gone

Weave and Weft

Weave and Weft

Regina Puckett


When there is nothing left

We study our weave and weft

We tighten up the loose ends

We hurry to make amends

We hold those who are dear

We stare down our enemy – fear

We stand still and learn to wait

We choose pure love over hate


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A Reckoning


A Reckoning

Regina Puckett


A startling, blinding flash of light

Disturbed the peaceful quiet

It exposed what was hidden

Revealing what was forbidden

We had to answer for our sins

Facing where forever begins

But no one heard our cries

In the fires that never dies

The torment consumed them

A reckoning of Kingdom come


Let Me Be

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Let Me Be

Regina Puckett


The currents of life drifted by

Time forcing me to comply

But I wanted something more

Something worth fighting for

So I swam in the wrong direction

Listening not to life’s objection

What did it know about my heart?

There are some things you can’t chart

So if I sink or swim is up to me

Life will just have to let me be


Mr. Winter

Mr. Winter

Regina Puckett


A summer breeze stirred in my memory

It was warm and rested there so feathery

It surrounded me with the scent of flowers

I could have reposed in that recollection for hours

But Old Man Winter tapped me on the shoulder

Reminding me that my day was going to be much colder

He laughed because he had brought all of his friends

Ice, snow, freezing rain to cleanse off my rosy lens

Damn you, Mr. Winter, for being such a spoiled-sport

I’ll play your game this time and build a snow fort

Once it’s up, I’ll dream about summer behind its icy walls

And wait right there until summer’s balmy winds calls


Winter scene

He Rejoices

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He Rejoices

Regina Puckett

Much to the world’s wrath

I often veer off the beaten path

It’s frowned upon to be different

But to me nothing is insignificant

In my daily quest to be awed

I come across as a little odd

I want to know how it all works

I need to figure out the quirks

So instead of playing at being good

I dare to sneak a peek under life’s hood

And what I find there is a constant wonder

It is proof that mankind wasn’t a blunder

A wonderful Master created this earth

And He rejoices at each and every birth



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Regina Puckett


Here we are – side by side

If you cried, I cried

If you laughed, I did too

If you jumped, I flew

If you ran fast, I kept up

If you drank, I held the cup

If you wondered why, I asked

If you trembled, I held on fast

Side by side – arm in arm

If I hurt, you kept me from harm

If I fell apart, you held on

If I sought light, you were my dawn

If I needed acceptance, you believed

If I faced sorrow, you grieved

So here we stand, side by side

Two standing as one – unified


The Onlys


The Onlys

Regina Puckett


Only the moonlight shines on our skin

Only memories holding where we’ve been

Only two of us to cherish this moment together

Only time can break apart our bond and tether

But the onlys can slip away, if you don’t hold on tight

So hold me with all of your heart and all of your might


I Believe

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I Believe
Regina Puckett
The world cares not for our struggle
It only sees when we finally succeed
The world throws us knives to juggle
And it laughs when we slip and bleed
The world is annoyed by the blemished
It only values the beautiful and perfect
The world believes the rest are diminished
It thinks that an honest heart is a mere defect
But I believe the world can be a better place
It just needs us to stand up, be strong and brave
The world needs us to overcome hate and race
To love our brother and make no man a slave