Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

See Each Other

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See Each Other

Regina Puckett


I once had an opinion

That turned me into a villain

They said ‘you can’t think that’

So it turned into a social spat

Everyone thinking they knew best

Our friendships soon put to the test

They wanted me to simply shut up

And drink the Kool Aide from the cup

The thing is – I still think I’m right

But that doesn’t mean I want to fight

Civil people find ways of communicating

You don’t have to be crude or infuriating

You find ways to see each other as people

And do our kneeling underneath the steeple




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Regina Puckett


You dropped to your knee

A protest for everyone to see

Protesting is an American right

That was won during a fight

A gift given by some brave men

So you should give a big amen

And the next time the flag flies

Instead of kneeling – rise

Show the respect that is due

Those brave men died for you


A Heart Seeking Attention

Regina Puckett


The last pick in school

The class clown – the fool

A heart seeking attention

More than this one dimension

Struggling hard to be heard

Searching for the right word

See me but don’t stare

Make me more than a dare

Care enough to stop and talk

Because I’m still learning to walk

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Hollow Abyss


Regina Puckett


Empty hands

Empty plans

Empty soul

Empty hole

Empty vows

Empty nows


Filled with pettiness

Filled with blindness

Filled with nothingness


Until You Soar

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Until You Soar

Regina Puckett


Chase after

The laughter

Run to

What is true

Seek until you find

See until you’re blind

Climb until you soar

That’s what life is for


Now You Decide

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Now You Decide


No one wanted to hear

So I stayed silent

Hoping to disappear

Before they turned violent

But how many souls were lost

Because I was too afraid to speak

What was the exact cost

Because I was too meek

So today I’m stepping forward

I’m shouting from the roof

I’m claiming the word

I’m claiming the truth

I will no longer hide

I’m no longer in the shadows

So now you decide

If you believe Jesus rose


It Matters Not

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It Matters Not

Regina Puckett


It matters not the miles apart

I will carry you next to my heart

It matters not what others think

Not one stone thrown will clink

It matters not that time fades

We are enriched by the new shades

It matters not that our steps are measured

Love thrives when each moment is treasured


What If?

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What If?

Regina Puckett


What if love went astray

What if the world ended today

What if the only sounds were static

What if everything was always enigmatic

What if the sun refused to rise or set

What if the best memories we forget

What if we stand toe to toe and smile

What if we stop time for a little while

What if we embrace peace and understanding

What if our hearts keep growing and expanding

What if lift up our brothers and help the other man

What if love won each time, I wonder what if then?


But Who Was There?

But Who Was There?

Regina Puckett


A sign that said stop and one said go

A machine that knew it would rain or snow

A scale that weighed with its tiny measures

A chart that marked off our precious treasures

A clock that told us when to get up and go to bed

A teacher who told us what we needed in our head

A policeman who told us when we had gone too far

A doctor who stitched us up to minimize the scar

But who was there to heal our broken hearts

Who could gather all of our scattered parts

There was no one to fix what was broken within

Only those who told us when we didn’t win

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Not Even One


Not Even One

Regina Puckett


Splayed over cobblestones

Were millions of travelers’ bones

Their ancient footsteps still heard

Passions like dust in the air stirred

But not even one remained to see

All the limbs plucked from life’s tree