Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer


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Regina Puckett


Does time really heal

Or does it gloss over how we feel?

Does it keep picking at our scab?

Does it continue to poke and jab?

Does it let the mind do a replay

Of your worse pain on that day?

Time is that one son of a bitch

That sews you up – to pull out the stitch.





Regina Puckett


Shut your eyes and remember

The cold day in December

When she came screaming

To her parents beaming

A gift straight from heaven

On the day before seven

She soon grew into a woman

Who then gave us Emily and Ian

Now turn around remember October

Another baby added to the stroller

She cried so we would notice

Our little flowering lotus

Fighting windmills like Don Quixote

Soon bringing us Gregory and Coty

Shut your eyes and we’ll remember

Those days in October and December

When God gave us love to hold

Two treasures worth more than gold



I Stole the Fairy Out of the Tales

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I Stole the Fairy out of the Tales

Regina Puckett


I followed the yellow brick road to an impasse

I turned Aladdin out his tiny house made of glass

I woke Sleeping Beauty before the Prince showed

I helped the Big Bad Wolf because he really blows

I held up the beanstalk long after Jack cut it down

I pushed Humpty Dumpty just because of a frown

I ate one of the Gingerbread Man’s legs and an arm

When the Boy cried wolf I told them it was a false alarm

I shaved all of the hair from Beauty’s ill-tempered beast

When the Red Hen went to make bread, I stole her yeast

I stole the fairy out all of the tales because I could

But that doesn’t mean that I behaved as I should

My Flowers

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My Flowers

Regina Puckett


Yes, I remember everything

The feel of how baby breaths cling

The sound of their coos and cries

Their glorious births and sighs

Their fingers wrapped around mine

Their giggles and love – so divine

I purposely let go all of the grief and pain

My flowers needed the sunshine and rain


Love Was More

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Love Was More

Regina Puckett


I can’t breathe

Watching you leave

I can only grieve

Nor can I believe

That love simply walks away

Or doesn’t listen to what I say

So go ahead, run along and play

Go do what you must do today

But once you were only mine

And love was more than a pickup line


I Sought Mercy


I Sought Mercy

Regina Puckett


I sought mercy and forgiveness

I begged for just one good witness

I fell onto my knees and cried my heart out

Here surrounded with only cynics and doubt

So I’ll stand and dust myself off and move on

I’ll look at the sunrise and its new offered dawn

I’ll only take only what’s mine and create anew

Because that’s what those who are offered mercy do


The Sun and Moon

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The Sun and Moon

Regina Puckett


The sun was the boastful sort

It gathered the world as its court

But the moon merely waited its turn

And let the sun continue to burn

The moon knew she played to a wider crowd

She made all of the stars in the universe go wild

So twinkle, twinkle little star, sun and moon

Let the cow jump over the moon with its spoon

The sun holds the day and the moon holds the night

But the stars dance in our dreams and holds us so tight


Was It?


Was It?

Regina Puckett


Did you ever take the time to really look

Or was it like opening the cover of another book

Was it just another passing fancy or basic need

Is there anything that can made your heart bleed

Did you ever mean any of those words spoken

Or was it just another heart you had broken


My Angels

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My Angels

Regina Puckett


Do my angels grow a little weary

When my thoughts turn dreary?

Do they ever grow a little fatigued

When I question everything I’ve believed?

Do my angels ever grow confused

When I bypass the paths I should have used?

Do they ever sigh at my stubbornness

Whenever I once again lose my moral compass?

Do they ever just want to give me a big shake

To remind me that my soul with joy should quake?

Do they ever want to slap me on the back of head

Whenever I forget my prayers when I drop in bed?

Do they ever want to whisper in my ears

That I’m foolish to let my life be run by these fears?

Do they ever want to lift me with their angel wings

Until I finally turn loose of these earthly strings?


He is My Person

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He is My Person

Regina Puckett


In the revised version

He is my person

The hero of the story

The man who shuns the glory

He swings in and saves the day

He’s strong with nothing to say

He throws his coat over the puddle

He winks, smiles and loves to cuddle

Then I remember I love my man mouthy

A man with nothing to say is too mousy

And I would have to wash that dirty coat

And he might get hurt swinging over the moat

I enjoy a smile and cuddle as much as anyone

But I want to him to talk to me when we’re done

So yes, he is my person, but he’s so much more

Because the strong, silent types are such a bore