Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer


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Regina Puckett


Another ordinary day

In shades of dull gray

More of the same voices

More of the same choices

The ordinary testing my spirit

But only if I stay and hear it

I’m running toward the unfamiliar

I’m seeking the rare and peculiar

I’m washing away the dull grays

And making beautiful, unique days


Can You Hear the Silence

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Can You Hear the Silence

Regina Puckett


There’s a dark storm coming

Can you hear the silence humming

It’s singing in the hurt and pain

That pours down with the rain

So when the thunder clashes

Expect the fists and the lashes

The sky will rumble from the gale

And for a time there will only be hell



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Regina Puckett


Let me down a little at a time

Wait for each clock to chime

Wait for the sun to turn

Wait for the moon to yearn

Wait for the skies to fall

Wait for death to call

Wait for eternity to end

To stop being my friend


Where are the Heroes?

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Where are the Heroes?

Regina Puckett


Screams flow from these lips

As I hang on by mere fingertips

Where is a knight in shining armor

Where is an enchanting snake charmer

Where is superman with his trusty cape

Where is Tarzan with his faithful ape

Where is Batman with his car and gun

Where are the heroes when I need one?


Only One


Only One

Regina Puckett


I need a miniscule miracle

Something sweet and lyrical

Something light as angel wings

Nonsensical, flighty little things

Only one to float down from the sky

Only one to see my tears when I cry





Regina Puckett


Sadness settled in on all sides

It washed in with the day’s tides

It crashed and pinned me down

With another disapproving frown

It rolled in with a longsuffering sigh

And it laughed when I could only cry


Even the Hardest Word

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Even the Hardest Word

Regina Puckett


Over and over, I try to make all of the words fit

But after a while, I just want to give up and quit

They drift gently away just right out of my reach

They refuse my ever bidding – my every beseech

They laugh at me, as if amused by my sweat

They love watching how much I fume and fret

But I’ve discovered that if I wait long enough

Even the hardest word isn’t really all that tough



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From Moonbeams

Regina Puckett


Dreams are lovely visions

A daily tally of our decisions

Dreams are a nightly conveying

A soundless movie wistfully playing

Dreams are our hopes and wants

A memory that hangs on and haunts

Dreams make us smile and often cry

But when morning comes, we say goodbye

That is until we make them into a book

And invite the rest of the world in to look

What will others think of our lovely dreams

These words that formed from moonbeams



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Regina Puckett



My life needs its very own sound track

A long list of songs that will have my back

And then whenever life gets too tough

I’ll let the words of a song call the day’s bluff

I’ll sing along and at the tip-top of my voice

I’ll skip along with the merry tune and rejoice

I’ll join my hands with the world and we’ll sing

Because music has a way of fixing everything


A Casualty

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A Casualty

Regina Puckett


One day all the noises drown me out

And all I had left was this layer of doubt

Until I could no longer discern the truth

Without written testimonies and proof

My innocence left on the side of the road

A casualty of how the world can corrode

I’ll no longer wear my heart on my sleeve

That way no one could watch me as I grieve