Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

My Daughter

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My Daughter

Regina Puckett


It was a sweet, crisp December day

And she came in the usual way

There was much kicking and screaming

Quickly followed by two faces beaming

So much happiness was born on the sixth

Her crooked smile leaving us transfixed

And every single moment since then

My daughter makes me whisper – amen

Since her birth, nothing has been the same

Because love was born the day she came



In Its Sanctuary

In Its Sanctuary

Regina Puckett


Over our tiny darkened town

The pure rain splattered down

It came down in clean sheets

Washing the grim off our streets

It drops creating music to our ears

Falling down onto our faces like tears

But its beauty will only be temporary

So dance while you can in its sanctuary


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Frozen Silence

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Frozen Silence

Regina Puckett


Winter is a frozen silence

An eerie stubborn defiance

It settles without an invitation

It laughs at our utter frustration

It covers us with sleet and snow

It jabs with its frigid elbow

It pokes us with its frosty fingers

In spite of our hatred – it lingers


Lock the Doors

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Lock the Doors

Regina Puckett


All of these empty rooms

Feel like bitterly cold tombs

In them echoes what once was

The hollow sounds of a lost cause

Hope walked out with trust

And faith floated away like dust

So what else could courage do

When even love withdrew

Lock the doors and move on

And find a better place to belong





I’m thankful for my two daughters

I’m thankful for my many supporters

I’m thankful for my friends and family

I’m thankful God forgives my vanity

And I love that God listens when I pray

My thankful-list grows every single day

But I need more than one day of the year

To hold close the ones I love so dear

So I declare every day is Thanksgiving

A gift given to me to love and keep on living

The Secret

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The Secret

Regina Puckett


The secret blistered and oozed

Leaving its keeper feeling used

Until there was only a small scab

Where the pain had stabbed

But the secret refused to remain so

It eventually seeped out sorely slow

Until the crusted wound healed

The secret no longer concealed



Stormy Sea14745620_s


Regina Puckett


It burned to ashes like a used cigarette

Something to blow away and forget

Something others trudged across

Something else that was a loss

I watched it slowly blow away

And ached for its shades of gray

Because somewhere in those ashes

Were the tears that fell from my lashes

They were worth more to me than this flight

So I watched until they blew from my sight


Watery Grief


Watery Grief

Regina Puckett


Moist tracks of racking, watery grief

Pound down the cheeks as if on reef

But soon the heart hardens and eyes dry

And you pray to forget that whispered lie

The Poetry Corner featuring Regina Puckett

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When Nothing Remained

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When Nothing Remained

Regina Puckett


He took her heart

He emptied out her soul

He broke her apart

He stole her self-control

And when nothing remained

He walked away

And left her chained

To yesterday