Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer


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Regina Puckett


Joy came in many shapes and sizes

It came barefaced and in disguises

It was a wonderful, lazy Sunday drive

It was waiting for your newborn to arrive

It was rain on budding spring flowers

It was looking into your eyes for hours

It was falling in love for the first time

It was figuring out a new poem to rhyme

It was discovering what was good and true

It was discovering that you loved me too

It was hope, trust and everything I wanted

It was facing this world scarred but undaunted


You’re Really Seeing

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You’re Really Seeing

Regina Puckett


I have been the long way around

So there are a few things I’ve found

Love, when discovered, is so precious

In all things, it is better to be gracious

Sanity is only inches away from bedlam

A small hurt will bring down the entire dam

Today’s queen can be tomorrow’s beggar

God is still my Alpha and my entire Omega

Straying away from the crowd leads home

As long as your heart is still young, roam

Life should grabbed with both hands and shook

You should get lost every now and then in a book

Love with all your heart and every inch of your being

And when you see, make certain you’re really seeing

I Wish

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I Wish

Regina Puckett


Back then we were good friends

But in time there came ‘the ends’

You turned away and never looked back

I tried to hold on and take up the slack

But slowly I turned loose of our ties

And let you believe the liars lies

Why is the pain of the loss still there

After so many years I shouldn’t care

I’m fool to still want what we had

I wish you couldn’t still make me sad


What is Already Gone

What is Already Gone

Regina Puckett


I wanted so much to give up

Life was spilling over my cup

Why was there no pity left

Surely there had been a theft

A disappearance of my conviction

A vicious and spiteful eviction

But I’ll suck it up and move on

I won’t dwell on what is already gone


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God’s Refuge

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God’s Refuge

Regina Puckett


I flew over a deep sea of worries

I blew through difficulties’ flurries

I climbed over trouble’s mountain

I tiptoed through pain’s fountain

I waded through anxiety’s deluge

To seek shelter under God’s refuge


One Soul

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One Soul

Regina Puckett


Heart to heart and hand in hand

Fingers entwined in a wedding band

Year after year trusting in the other

Now a father and now a mother

Watching our love grow and grow

Until it completely swallows us whole

You are me and I’m just as much you

One soul made from what was once two


Whatever Comes

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Whatever Comes

Regina Puckett


Life is often so hard

It leaves you scarred

It takes without giving

So why keep on living?

Maybe it’s for the passion

Maybe it’s for compassion

Maybe it’s you just want more

So you open another day’s door

Ready to take on whatever comes

Blessed to face one of God’s suns


The True Depth of My Heart


The True Depth of My Heart


Regina Puckett


My gray hairs are like the rings of a tree

It measures each year that I’ve been me

So if you numbered each and every one

You would discover each battle I’ve won

You would total my laughter and tears

You would determine all of my fears

You could sum up what I wanted most

You might even run into past’s ghost

But if you want to know who I’ve prized

The true depth of my heart can’t be sized


One Whole

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One Whole

Regina Puckett


Two pieces of one whole

Soul connecting to soul

Always working it out

Through years and doubt

Through sickness and health

Our love – our only wealth

Two kids walking into old age

Furiously turning each page

Words of love writing our story

A pledge – our only claim to glory


A Hungry Baby

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A Hungry Baby

Regina Puckett


Like the lint in my pocket

Like an unmovable rocket

Like iron that rusted away

Like the moon rising in the day

Like singers who never sing

Like a doorbell that won’t ding

This is our hope when it finally dies

A hungry baby no one hears its cries