Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer

These Are the Things

These Are the Things

Regina Puckett


Breathe in – breathe out

Release the hurt – the doubt

Hear the music that is your life

Live above the pain and strife

Feel the moments that slide by

Be glee and not the tears you cry

Taste the finest of hope and love

These are the things you are made of


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Regina Puckett


Thump, thump – little rabbit

Fear is such a nasty habit

Don’t look over your shoulder

Decide to be so much bolder

Run only if the eagle swoops

But only to gather your troops

See how your courage will grow

When together – you face your foe


Tears of Rain

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Tears of Rain

Regina Puckett


Tiny pieces of humankind

Gnaw at the corners of my mind

Their cries can be heard from miles

I hear their pain and feel their trials

The noise is enough to blind me

Their cries tap away until I can’t see

How do I save them from such pain

I got lost in the deluge of tears of rain


Who Will Write Your Story?

Who Will Write Your Story?

Regina Puckett


I don’t mind being different from you

I like not listening to what I should do

I like coloring outside all of the lines

I like testing those air tight confines

Life is about taking chances and diving in

You just have to move and actually begin

We’re supposed to reach toward the sky

Who will write your story, if you don’t try


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You’re Always in View

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You’re Always in View

Regina Puckett


The day you came into this world

You became my most precious pearl

So no matter how far away you travel

These ties of our love will never unravel

The knots that tie your heart to mine

They grow every moment like a vine

Just pull and I will always come to you

Even out of sight, you’re always in view


Only a Bad Dream

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Only a Bad Dream

Regina Puckett


There in the land of childhood dreams

Is a place where nothing is how it seems

Their innocence has been stripped away

Playing a tug of war without a midway

Playing hide and seek and no one seeks

Playing peep-a-boo and no one peeks

A game of dare and no one ever dares

The baby is crying but no one cares

Someone erased the hopscotch outline

They made three blind mice into a shrine

Follow Pied Piper until you can’t come back

The Big Bad Wolf will carry you piggyback

And if you hear all of the children scream

Just tell the poor dears it’s only a bad dream


It Is Amazing

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It is Amazing

Regina Puckett


Sweet words of love exchanged

Walking down the aisle arranged

Babies added one by beautiful one

Playing hide and seek out in the sun

Learning about the world as they play

Until one day your babies move away

Leaving two alone to walk toward the sunset

It is amazing what sweet words of love beget


My New Home

fairies in the forest

My New Home

Regina Puckett


I slipped through the canopy of trees

As if upon a raft in the middle of the seas

A lost wanderer there under their branches

Seeking a respite from unoffered chances

Whispering to their cool shade a quiet ode

Gladly following fairies upon a mossy road

Maybe they will let me live there with them

My new home built there high upon a limb


Growing Old

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Growing Old

Regina Puckett


Let’s take a drive through the country

Let’s go sixties wild-child and hug a tree

Let’s kick off our shoes and shake off today

Let’s for once have something real to say

Let’s find our roots or plant some new ones

Let’s find where the cats have hidden our tongues

Growing old doesn’t mean you completely disappear

It only means you find everything so much more dear


An Unblemished Lamb

An Unblemished Lamb

Regina Puckett


The devil’s in the details

Shut down by four nails

He was an unblemished Lamb

Sent to us from the great I Am

So listen to your guardian angels

Follow the Man born in the stables