Regina Puckett

Romance/Horror Writer
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The last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife, until The Lady Jane Blackmore seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton’s ballroom. But there she stands, attempting to shut out the rest of the world by simply closing her eyes, but the duke understands better than…

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Pulling in at 9:37 for a 9:40 class: Via Everyone with a white parking pass: Via When someone suggests carpooling: Via When you see an empty spot from 100 yards away: Via When you get there and realize it’s a handicap spot: Via NBCUniversal The Bell Street…

No Place on Earth

No Place on Earth
Regina Puckett

Innocent blood
An unbridled flood
Leaked upon the ground
In it a mother’s hope will drown
No graduation, no wedding or offspring
No hugs, smiles, or love in which to cling
All snuffed out with one blast from a gun
No place on the earth for our children to run

Quietly Releasing

Quietly Releasing
Regina Puckett

A new sunrise greeted me
And it whispered for me to see
That I had a brand new day to view
Fresh opportunities mixed in with dew
So I threw off the covers and smiled
Quietly releasing my sleeping inner child

In Sunshine and Rain

Lifting My Face
Regina Puckett

There’s so much more to life than this
Trying so hard to rediscover my bliss
Seeking out what makes life worth living
Pursuing an attitude of hope and forgiving
Closing my eyes against the hurt and pain
Lifting my face upward in sunshine and rain

Where Have All the Children Gone?
Regina Puckett

Weeping over the loss of the truth
Mourning for the innocence of youth
Where have all the children gone?
Is there anyone we can depend on?
I long for a gentler, guilt-free time
When our schools weren’t filled with crime

Fairies in Flight

Fairies in Flight
Regina Puckett

There were fairies in flight
A sign of hope in the night
Will they let me go with them
To their hidden fairy realm
If I promise to learn to sing and fly
To lose myself in the bright blue sky
I cross my heart and swear to never tell
That Peter Pan ran off with Tinkerbelle


Regina Puckett

Taunts thrown like little sharp darts
Aimed to pierce through your heart
One mean word will only sting a little bit
Not that it’s something you’ll ever admit
But each one stabs painfully at your soul
Heat-seeking-missiles reaching their ultimate goal
And when there has been enough bloodshed
Your inner spirit will be drained and dead

Pouring Alcohol

Pouring Alcohol
Regina Puckett

Peering in from outside
No one listened as I cried
I’m over here wanting in
Longing for another friend
But your window remained shut
Pouring alcohol on my open cut

My Moon and Sun

My Moon and Sun
Regina Puckett

Moments suspended in time
Love reduced to sensuous rhyme
I’ll treasure each and every one
And let you be my moon and sun