I Stole the Fairy Out of the Tales

by reginadee2014

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I Stole the Fairy out of the Tales

Regina Puckett


I followed the yellow brick road to an impasse

I turned Aladdin out his tiny house made of glass

I woke Sleeping Beauty before the Prince showed

I helped the Big Bad Wolf because he really blows

I held up the beanstalk long after Jack cut it down

I pushed Humpty Dumpty just because of a frown

I ate one of the Gingerbread Man’s legs and an arm

When the Boy cried wolf I told them it was a false alarm

I shaved all of the hair from Beauty’s ill-tempered beast

When the Red Hen went to make bread, I stole her yeast

I stole the fairy out all of the tales because I could

But that doesn’t mean that I behaved as I should