My Angels

by reginadee2014

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My Angels

Regina Puckett


Do my angels grow a little weary

When my thoughts turn dreary?

Do they ever grow a little fatigued

When I question everything I’ve believed?

Do my angels ever grow confused

When I bypass the paths I should have used?

Do they ever sigh at my stubbornness

Whenever I once again lose my moral compass?

Do they ever just want to give me a big shake

To remind me that my soul with joy should quake?

Do they ever want to slap me on the back of head

Whenever I forget my prayers when I drop in bed?

Do they ever want to whisper in my ears

That I’m foolish to let my life be run by these fears?

Do they ever want to lift me with their angel wings

Until I finally turn loose of these earthly strings?