At The Slightest Whim

by reginadee2014


At The Slightest Whim

Regina Puckett


Close your eyes and wish

Throw a line and fish

Sit and stay a spell

Run, laugh and yell

Catching lightning bugs

Stealing first base and hugs

Crossing hearts and lines

Swinging like Tarzen on vines

Screaming until we were hoarse

Sharing the only rocking horse

But what did we know back then

We thought everyone could win

We thought love was unconditional

Only later we discovered it was fictional

Laughter is often mixed with tears

Hope is usually spun with fears

Happiness is often on the other side

And if it sees you coming, it will hide

So close your eyes and wish, if you can

There’s no such person as Peter Pan

He was created to make us to believe

Childhood is something that will never leave

But it runs away at the slightest whim

And only leaves the heartless and grim