Some of Us

by reginadee2014

screaming little girl

Some of Us

Regina Puckett


If I lied, they whipped my butt

They kept me from damaging smut

They talked to me about respect

They said what I sowed – I would collect

They watched over me with care and love

But never handled me with a kid glove

They cried and laughed with me too

They taught me everything I should do

And whenever I finally tested those tight ties

They set me free to see if I too could be wise

So I did my best to teach my daughters the same

If I failed in any way, my parents aren’t to blame

They did their best to show me how to live

They prayed, worried and gave all they had to give

It’s only now that I truly appreciate just how much I owe

Some of us take a longer to know what we should know