Running Full Tilt

by reginadee2014

Running Full Tilt

Regina Puckett


Reckless, hopeful and fearless

Teenagers who were too zealous

Such hunger filled our open hearts

A master of all but none of the arts

But what we didn’t understand

We were willing to learn firsthand

We jumped in without thinking

We rushed in without blinking

Ah, wasn’t it grand to be so young

So many things uncensored and unsung

How I wish I still had that unfiltered passion

Still a willing and open container for compassion

But somewhere along I forgot how to yearn

The fires in my heart unwillingly failed to burn

My steps slowed and I stopped reaching out

I let my surety turn into unquenched doubt

So if you see the young running full tilt headfirst

Pray they never find a way to quench their thirst