Maybe – Just Maybe

by reginadee2014


Maybe – Just Maybe

Regina Puckett


Ready to give up

Say, “Who gives a #$%&?”

I say grab your bootstraps

Stop falling into the world’s traps

Put your big girl panties on

Get on with getting on

Stop your perpetual pout

Now isn’t the time to clock out

Put your time in and do the work

Not everyone’s a big, fat jerk

And so what if the world doesn’t care

They don’t get the last word on what your share

You are the one responsible for what you create

So get up and at it before you’re too late

There are things to do, see, and things to share

Do it and try not to care that the world doesn’t care

One day you’ll be gone and you will have left your mark

And maybe – just maybe – you will have created a spark.