Turned Faith into Doubt

by reginadee2014

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Turned Faith into Doubt

Regina Puckett


We live in a world where we can be too fat but never too thin

In our small minds a hair out of place is an unpardonable sin

Our eyeliner has to be perfect and our lipstick in place

And please God, don’t let there be a wrinkle on my face

Our teeth need to be straight and glistening white

The hairs on legs waxed and on our heads shiny bright

Our breath has to be minty fresh and underarms without odor

And no one’s allowed to stop partying or grow one day older

We are our children’s best friend and personal confidant

We see our kids killing kids and we are ever so nonchalant

Who do they look to when we’re never home but on the go

And who do they turn to when they need someone to say no

We’ve tuned out the screams of a billions of unborn babies

We treat those with morals as if they are fanatics with rabies

The world has turned upside down and is ever so inside out

We made beauty our measuring stick and turned faith into doubt