Tick, Tock

by reginadee2014

Tick, Tock

Regina Puckett


The little boy

Knew only joy

Little Peter Pan

Was never a man

He skipped away

Seeking only play

Toys scattered everywhere

Taking on every dare

Until one day he looked in the mirror

His future every so clearer

No one can stay young forever

Even in the land of Never

So run while you can

My little Peter Pan

I love hearing your laughter

Go seek the joy you’re after

I’ll wait right here

While you fight your buccaneer

Tick, tock, tick, tock

Youth has its own clock


But Not If Regina Puckett Fly away Peter Pan You never were my man Run off to your lost boys And go play with your little toys Life is so much harder than that I need someone not afraid of going to bat I need someone who doesn’t fly away Every time the lost boys want to play It’s okay to remain young at heart But not if true love becomes a lost art