Do We Ever?

by reginadee2014

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Do We Ever?

Regina Puckett


We rush headlong toward that dark death

As if we can’t wait to take our last breath

From dusk to dawn we waste precious time

Each second and thought is for the upward climb

We push as fast as we can to that unknown top

Without ever taking a moment to slow or stop

Do we recognize how special it is to have this now?

Do we ever take our hands off our workman’s plow?

Do we ever smell the sweet scent of that baby’s neck?

Do we ever feel the ocean spray from that ship’s deck?

Do we ever taste the wonderment of love’s surrender?

Do we ever see the beauty of each morning’s splendor?

Slow your step and breathe in what you can before it’s lost

Or you’ll never know how much losing this moment cost.