When Everyone Else Has Given Up

by reginadee2014


When Everyone Else Has Given Up

Regina Puckett


I plan on totally wasting today

By running outside to sing and play

I’m giggling at the most insane, silly joke

Hiding from the wolf under my Red Riding Hood cloak

I’m joining Humpty Dumpty on the highest wall

And being there for him, if he starts to fall

I’m helping the three pigs build a better house

And pretending I’m a-three-blind mouse

I’m mourning with the dwarfs over Snow White

And if Prince Charming kisses her, I’ll be quiet

But if Little Boy Blue blows his horn

I’ll ask him if he’ll help me find a unicorn

Because life is worth taking a chance or two

It’s about making promises and seeing them through

It’s about hoping even in the blackest times

It’s about loving and still believing in nursery rhymes

It’s about following your heart and staying true

When everyone else has given up on you.