by reginadee2014

Hollow Abyss

It’s About Moving Forward
Regina Puckett
From the moment I joined life’s race
I found myself running in last place
But do you know what I discovered?
It’s not so bad – because I’m covered
Those up ahead are showing me the way
So I’m doing my best to follow them today
And whenever I need help, I look in the stands
Because on the sidelines are my biggest fans
My family and friends clap even when I’m losing
Because they know this race is my own choosing
I could stop any time I wish, but I keep carrying on
To stop now is the only thing I can do wrong
So even though I’m covered in the dust others kick up
And I know I’ll never receive the winning 1st place gold cup
I love knowing that this race means more than the winning
It’s about moving forward and not staying at the beginning