Love Turns into Hate

by reginadee2014


Loves Turns into Hate

Regina Puckett


I called you over, over and over again

When you didn’t answer I picked up my pen

I wrote down all the words you wouldn’t let me say

The ones about how you broke my heart and then went away

I’m putting all of them down onto paper so you’ll know

This heart you so cruelly broke I’ll never let show

I’ll hide it behind the brightest smile and glib lies

I’ll pretend there weren’t screams from hollow eyes

I’ll carry on as if you never meant a thing to me

I’ll keep on living this wonderful life just so you’ll see

That even though I once said you were everything

To your hurtful words and heart I’ll no longer cling

I’ll move on with my life as if you never existed

Because love turns into hate when unused and twisted