I’d Like to Think

by reginadee2014


I’d Like to Think

Regina Puckett

The day flew in on wings in a quiet rush

Orange juice meets dress in the traffic crush

Rolling in on two wheels into the parking lot

The beautiful skies I gave not one thought

Did I take a second to thank God for another day?

Did I stop and smell the roses along the way?

As usual I figured I had many more days just this

To give my loved ones at least one more kiss

But what if this was my very last day to live?

I wonder what then I would decide to give?

Would I stop for a brief moment and enjoy the view?

Would I notice how the sunlight glimmers on the morning dew?

Would I take the time to tell my loved ones how much I really care?

Would I give something to the world that they could also share?

I’d like to think that I have many more days in my future

And I’ll finally stop going through my days in this stupor.