One More Perfect Day

by reginadee2014

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One More Perfect Day

Regina Puckett

Once upon a time all we would ever need

Was our mother’s love when we faced life’s greed

Back then our fathers’ advice we held in perfect awe

Everything they said or did was our home’s only law

But then our baby steps had us running out the door

And we had no idea what our parents were even for

Until their wisdom helped to pull us out of the fire

And we remembered what it was there was to admire

But now we turn and see their steps are suddenly stumbling

And watching the tables turn is certainly very humbling

They now reach out to us for comfort and safekeeping

They whisper their fears and in the night we hear their weeping

We can feel they desire to once again run wild and play

But with all of our heart we ask for just one more perfect day