Pass or Fail

by reginadee2014

new painting for lynsey DSCF3571

Pass or Fail
Regina Puckett
I’m coloring outside all of the lines
Refusing to stay within society’s confines
They always believe that they know best
But I believe they’re much too suppressed
They want us all to fit into a tightly sealed packet
But I’m kicking up the dust and making racket
I’m zigging when zagging was expected and required
I’m disapproving when it’s supposed to be admired
I’m diving into confusion because it needs sorting out
When everyone else is whispering, I’m releasing a shout
Who set up these stupid rules that we so blindly follow
They make no sense and are such a bitter pill to swallow
So why don’t you grab your crayons and join me in my quest
To color outside of every line in this world’s pass or fail test