Only a Curtain

by reginadee2014

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Only a Curtain

Regina Puckett

I was fuming because the other cars wouldn’t go

Everything around me was moving much too slow

Why couldn’t everyone just get out of my way

Couldn’t they see the hours were quickly wasting away

I was too frazzled to look around and see the clear blue sky

Too busy to see the woman on the park bench trying not to cry

Too worried about tomorrow to appreciate the moment I had

Too caught up in myself to understand the real reason I was mad

And then I watched in slow motion a little boy run out into street

Time stood still – I opened my car door but I couldn’t move my feet

But God had been watching all that time I had been so focused on me

He lifted the little boy up and carried him away to places I may never see

That moment lifted the dark veil from my eyes and I now know for certain

What I thought was a great gulf between life and death is only a curtain