If I Could Walk through Life’s Closed Door

by reginadee2014


If I Could Walk through Life’s Closed Door

Regina Puckett

I took life as my due

Until it was almost through

I expected it to last forever

So I never finished any endeavor

I skipped through every day

Only interested in fun and play

I laughed at those serious few

Who saw enjoyed the beautiful view

While working to build something enduring

While I chased after the shiny and alluring

What I wouldn’t give to start all over

I would laugh but know when to be sober

I would dance but know when to sit still

I would appreciate the absurd and the real

I would have an outside and inside voice

I would know when to cry and when to rejoice

I would accept every offered opportunity

I would receive criticism with immunity

I would love without question and an open heart

I would accept failure with grace and see it as a new start

I would try to be better than the day before

If only I walk back through life’s closed door