He Has No Name

by reginadee2014

He Has No Name
Regina Puckett

He hides back there in alley, trying to stay out view
Wearing a coat rescued from a dumpster and a lost shoe
In his pocket is sign written on cardboard-a request for aid
He has a shopping cart filled coke cans and things to trade
Once upon a time he wore a three piece suit and tie
There was plenty money in the bank – an important guy
But before he knew it, all was lost during some troubled times
His job, his wife, his children and those dollars reduced to dimes
His faith crumpled until there was nothing left of that important man
His fall from grace reduced him to facing us with outstretched hand
So in the dark alley he cowers, hoping no one sees his utter shame
The man we call panhandler, beggar, because to us he has no name