Try to Pretend

by reginadee2014


Try to Pretend

Regina Puckett

Lean a little closer and I’ll whisper a secret

I would love you without shame or regret

If the world were mine I would joyfully gift it to you

I would pull the heavens down for you to pass through

I would direct every star to light your pathway at night

And make certain the sun was your own private guiding light

I would orchestrate birds to sing whatever you wanted to hear

If the world’s chaos tries to confuse you, I’ll make everything clear

I’ll hold your hand, run your races, fight your fights, and wipe every tear

I’ll cherish you at your worse, kiss every hurt, and chase away every fear

But because I know you don’t love me, I’m walking away from here today

So try to pretend you weren’t just offered the entire world, and gave it all away