The New Way to Make An Obscene Phone Call

by reginadee2014

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The New Obscene Phone Call

Years ago, when my youngest daughter was around a year old, I received my first obscene phone call. Now it’s a funny tale but at the time it scared me to death. Charity was teething and screaming her head off. My husband had just left for work. My oldest daughter was in her room playing. It was a normal day in my life so when the phone rang (before caller ID) I answered fully expecting it to be my mother or older sister. Charity was screaming in my ear so I couldn’t hear what was being said. Naturally, I asked the caller to speak up. He did but was still speaking too low for me to hear, so I asked him to speak up again. Long story short – he finally spoke loud enough I heard what he wanted to do to me. I slapped the receiver down, packed the kids up and went to my mom’s to stay for the day.

I’m saying all of this because last night someone send me a photo of their penis in my direct message box on Twitter. It shocked me so much I blocked and reported them. It guess this is today’s new way of making an obscene phone call. It didn’t appreciate it then or now. I’m afraid to ask what they were thinking, because I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know. If that was their way of making a new friend, they failed. If that’s their best social skills, they need help.

Leading with your penis will never get you a woman. I like a man with wit and not one who’s witless.