Set Free

by reginadee2014

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Set Free

Regina Puckett

A head filled with demons and worrisome doubts

No one notices my struggles or hears my shouts

I’m watching the world passing by as if I don’t exist

I’ve been slighted, drowned out and generally dismissed

Luckily being invisible gives me a certain freedom in this town

Now I can sing at the top my lungs and no one will frown

I can dance without anyone seeing I have no rhythm and two left feet

I can sail off into the sunset and not have to follow the rest of the fleet

I can love anyone I want without the fear of being judged or derided

I can shed as many tears as I want without anyone knowing I ever cried

I can expose my deepest fears and the most vulnerable side of me

And never have to worry about being caged again because I have been set free