A Sneak Peek Into My Audiobook, Wishes

by reginadee2014

My narrator, Melissa Strom, for Wishes, has created a beautiful YouTube video with a reading of two of my poems, Leave You Never and The Hanging Tree.

Leave You Never

There are secrets and plans
With kisses and joined hands
Taking each moment as it comes
Without fanfare or the sound of drums
Kisses in the dark and in the sun
Two hearts and souls joined as one
Knowing love will last until forever
Cross my heart and leave you never

The Hanging Tree

A spirited dance underneath the hanging tree
Three bound souls trying their best to break free
From a past restless time when prejudice and hate
Gathered one hot summer night to seal their fate
A chorus shouted to do away with all of their kind
And not one person there could change their mind
So to this day, three families are without a clue
Where their brothers and sons disappeared to