Regina Puckett’s Complete Book of Poetry

by reginadee2014

Regina Puckett's Complete Book of Poetry

There’s over 400 poems in my collection. I decided to combine all of the poems from all of my books into one large book of poetry.

Here’s just a small sample of what’s inside.

A Beautiful Day

A lovely, wintery day came slowly drifting in
On feathery wings like it was an old friend
It concealed the grime with ice and snow
And let the northern wind merrily blow
Until all we could see from the warmth of our homes
Were the tall, bare trees standing like fleshless bones
It was a stunning sight which never really meant to stay
But for a few precious hours it was a beautiful day

A Beautiful Work of Art

Our lives are entwined and weaved
Out of all of the things we have believed
Each twisted knot or beautiful thread
Is made from a tear or pain we have bled
Our tapestries can be beautiful or not
It just depends on each action or thought
So grab the threads of your life and heart
And go out and create a beautiful work of art

A Better You

No matter how often life hands you a raw deal
Mode it and created something amazing and real
Each day is another opportunity for you to step up and say
This is my time, my chance and nothing can ruin this day
Maybe it wasn’t everything you dreamed it would be
But maybe, just maybe, its life’s way of asking you to see
That life is more than just laughter and breezing through
Sometimes it takes a few hard knocks to make a better you

A Breathless Sky Dance

Two hearts with wings
Passions without strings
A breathless sky dance
A flight with romance
Steps of grace and purity
An abode of hope and security
A beautiful meeting with fate
Escaping through reality’s gate