My Knight in Shining Armor

by reginadee2014

My Knight in Shining Armor

 Regina Puckett


I want everyone know, before you begin reading my sad story, that I had only just purchased my new car the week before this series of unfortunate events took place. After reading it, I really hope you don’t think me totally incapable of circulating among normal people.

This gloomy, rainy Thursday, I kissed my dear husband goodbye and headed off to work.  It’s about a twenty-five minute drive. Because of a steady downpour, I thought about skipping the trip through a local fast food restaurant where I usually order a large iced drink.  For some reason, I decided to not only not skip the side trip, but to spice things up a little by ordering a cup of oatmeal to go with my large diet soda.

I pulled in, placed my order, and drove around to the pick-up window, a young man handed me my cup and bag and I drove away.  It sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.  Once I pulled back into traffic, I decided to check inside the bag to make certain there was a straw inside for the soda.  Of course, it wasn’t in there. That would have been asking for too much to actually receive everything in one go through, so now I’m annoyed. I’m either going to have to pull back into the long line at the drive-through or park my car and go into the restaurant to get the much needed straw.

I turned the car and returned to the restaurant. Taking one look at the long line, I decided the best thing to do would be to just lock my car and run inside for the straw.  The only thing I took inside with me were my car keys.  After all, I was only planning on running in and right back out again.  Still sounds simple, right?  Wrong again.  I ran in, grabbed the straw, ran back out and tried to put the car key into the door lock, but it wouldn’t go in.  The car had four doors but only one door has a key slot to unlock the car.  I kept trying to put the key in, but no matter what I did the key refused go in the slot.

My husband is twenty five to thirty minutes away and my purse is in the car.  I’m out there in the pouring rain thinking he’s going to kill me if I call him and he drives all this way only to put his key in the door and unlock it.  But with the rain redoubling its efforts to soak me through and through, I finally decide I really don’t have any other choice but to call to ask my dear hubby to come out and rescue me like any good knight in shining armor would do. 

As I make the call, I prepare myself for the usual manly interrogation.  Had I done everything humanly possible to get the key into the keyhole? Am I using the right key? Really?  It’s not rocket science.  The key won’t go in.  I’m already worried about why my key won’t work so when the expected questions come, they are damn annoying. Since I’m the one in need of rescuing, I answer them before heading back into the restaurant to wait.

The restaurant’s air conditioning is running at full force.  I’m wet, cold and worried. For a long thirty minutes I sat and stared out the window at my new car.  A variety of thoughts ran through my head.  I’m convinced there has been some sort of malfunction and we’re going to have it towed to the dealership.  I had plenty of time while waiting to mull over every possible scenario and none of them were good. 

My husband finally shows up, so I walk out and stand behind my car to wait for him to come over to me.  He parks about five parking places away, so I stand there,  waiting and waiting. The crazy man stops at someone else’s car and is looking inside of it.  I cringe behind my car thinking he needs to move away before someone in the restaurant sees him prowling around and calls the police. After a moment or two he walks to the rear of the other car, calls me over and tells me my car is unlocked. I can’t even move for a moment. I just stare at him while I’m trying to figure out what the heck he’s even talking about.  I’m sorry to say it took me that long to realize I had been trying to get into someone else’s car all along. Instead of being the grateful wife I should have been now I’m thinking of all the questions he grilled me with earlier, why wasn’t one of them, are you trying to unlock your own car?