Songs that I Whisper is on sale for .99

by reginadee2014

My sweet romance, Songs that I Whisper,  is on sale from 3/11 to 4/14 on Amazon.

Seth Black is Nashville’s next-big-thing in country music. Unfortunately, the road to fame is fraught with temptation and danger. At every turn, Seth has to fight off beautiful women, whilst at the same time struggling to make the Black family name something to be proud of again. It would be easy to fall into the same kind of trap that had snared his once famous father, Montgomery Black. Seth, though, wants more from his life than drugs, alcohol and womanizing. While he did inherit his deceased father’s great singing voice and stage presence, Seth absolutely refuses to fall into the same rowdy lifestyle that ultimately destroyed his father, and their family. His biggest dream is to have the type of home life he never had when growing up, but the life of a country music star means he’ll have to be extra careful.
Suzette Warren is the daughter and step-daughter to one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, David and Charity Warren. Suzette feels safe and settled in the quiet, unassuming life she has created for herself. Her ultra-chic art gallery in the small town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, isn’t the art center of the world, but it is her piece of heaven. It isn’t until Seth walks through its front door that she realizes there’s more to life than the next big art deal. Until meeting Seth, she never knew someone else had the other half of her heart. When Seth hires her to paint his portrait for a new CD cover, the two of them begin to see a real chance at love. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Someone in Seth’s life hates him enough to try and stop him from having his own happy-ever-after.
While love is always worth fighting for, Seth and Suzette will have to overcome their own demons before they recognize its true value.