Day 29: Having a JFC! Moment

by reginadee2014

Daily Departures


Found out this morning that a far-flung friend, “B,” had a stroke and is in an induced coma. They don’t yet know the extent of the damage.

Now, I’m not 23 (as I’ve stated several times throughout this blog), but I’m also not a part of the geriatric crowd. Certainly I’m aware that this can happen at any age… but it ain’t so common in younger folk.

And it’s just…plain…w*r*o*n*g.

Here’s a vibrant women with a family, going about her day as usual…probably making soy butter and organic preserves sandwiches, wrapping up a work meeting or catching up on Breaking Bad, when… JFC!…she doesn’t have a fender bender, or break a toe, or even have some gall-bladder thingy… she has stroke!

Just last week “B” sent me a message asking how my recovery was going, and we chatted for the first time in a while. We…

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