A Romantic Invitation

by reginadee2014

A Romantic Invitation

A Romantic Invitation

As a writer, did you ever think that your book cover is an invitation sent from you to your readers? It is. That’s why it has to be eye catching and appealing to the specific customer you want drawn to your book. I write a wide variety of genres so my covers range anywhere from scary to seductive. It’s not always easy finding the perfect fit.

Do you write romance? Then by all means find the most romantic cover you can find. I have discovered that couples work better on the cover than just having have a man or a woman on it. It also helps if the couple looks like they can’t keep their hands off of each other. You’re trying to sell romance after all. This is your best chance of extending an invitation to your readers to go along on a romantic journey with you.

There are a million of reasons I love being an indie author. Well, maybe not a million, but it’s pretty damn close. My number one love is choosing my own book covers. I could spend hour after hour looking at photos trying to pick the perfect one for my newest book to be released. After all, who knows better than me what is inside my book?

Your book cover is the first thing your perspective reader sees. If it’s a good one, it will stop people in their tracks. They’ll have to pick it up and read the back cover to see what your story is all about. If they like what’s written there, then maybe they’ll scan the inside pages. It really all boils down to that one, two, three punch-front cover, synopsis and bits and pieces of your story.

I know. You’re over there thinking that it isn’t fair to spend months and sometimes even years writing a book and then not sell a single copy because it’s not attracting the needed attention it deserves. Of course your friends and family are going to buy your book no matter what, but new customers need a reason to spend their cold, hard cash on you. Sure, a book cover is just a pretty lure, but you spent hour upon hour writing your paper-child, so don’t drop the ball now. Do it justice and pick the best cover you can, and if you find out the first cover doesn’t work, then by all means try another one. My motto is to keep trying until you sell your first million books. What can I say? I’m an eternal optimist.