5 Star Review from Readers’ Favorites

by reginadee2014

5 Star Review from Readers' Favorites

Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite

Concealed in my Heart by Regina Puckett is a contemporary romance novel which introduces readers to the concepts of love, friendship, betrayal, secrets, kindness, forgiveness, and an actress in the entertainment business. Charity Fields is a hometown Tennessee country girl. She has married her high school sweetheart and is an inspiring actress-to-be. Charity is discovered by movie producer Charles Bennett when he watches her performance at a university play. Charity is soon on her way to stardom and is cast in the producer’s movie to be filmed in Dallas. Charity soon learns the hardships and struggles of being a young, married, “beginner” actress when she struggles with a jealous, devious film crew, a crude sexist director, and overbearing reporters, paparazzi, and tabloid papers. When secrets and lies come into play, Charity doesn’t know if she can handle the stress of it all or, for that matter, if her marriage can withstand it.

Author Regina Puckett has written a fantastic romance novel that will capture not only female readers, but men as well, with its intriguing and realistic story line, and characters that will befriend you right from the very beginning. Regina offers readers warm and affectionate scenes, creating a reader-character love affair, as well as gut wrenching moments that will leave you disliking some scenes and characters immensely. The book contains suspenseful twist and turns, aspects of betrayal, and love that a true to life romance novel reader would find appealing. A skillfully well-written novel for all romance lovers to read and enjoy