5 Star Review from Readers’ Favorites-Songs that I Whisper

by reginadee2014

5 Star Review from Readers' Favorites-Songs that I Whisper

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Songs that I Whisper (Warren Family) by Regina Puckett is a romantic fiction. Seth Black is an upcoming country musician. Seth wants fame and fortune and wants to stay away from drugs, alcohol and beautiful women which once destroyed his famous father, Montgomery Black, and their family. He is aware that the road to fame has many temptations and dangers which he will have to avoid. The scene changes when he meets Suzette Warren, daughter of one of Hollywood’s famous couples. Seth hires Suzette to do his sketch for his new CD cover. Both Seth and Suzette fall in love but it is not an easy road.

The story has passion and the moments between the lovers create a sense of urgency in readers. It is a beautiful love story which evokes a lot of nice feelings inside you. The author has created two lovable characters, Seth and Suzette, who will snuggle their way into your heart while reading the story. The romance is made effective by many other emotions like compassion, love, and understanding, and it makes the characters in the story more human. Two lovers who want to become successful in life and working their way towards their goals makes it a plausible theme.

The twist in the story is given by the person who hates Seth and would do anything to ruin his life and career. Will that stop Seth and Suzette from being successful in their respective careers? Will that ruin Seth’s love life too